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Burden Of Proof Not Completing: Causes And Fixes

Starfield has launched a new side quest called “Burden of Proof,” where the player takes on the role of an undercover agent. This mission is interconnected with The Crimson Fleet and UC SysDef questlines.

However, players are unable to complete the quest due to a lack of evidence and facing problems during the quest.

In Starfield, not completing the “Burden of  Proof” is solved by having a  conversation with Lietuent Toft about her background story. There are 20 pieces of evidence throughout the entire universe.

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What Is The Burden Of Proof In Starfield?

Burden of Proof is the side quest in Starfield, where you will collect all the shreds of evidence from various locations.

In this quest, you will exchange all the evidence that you collected in The Crimson Fleet with Officer Toft.

Officer Tofi is the US Vigilante’s Luietnant whom you will be secretly working with to collect evidence.

Lt Tofi in Starfield.
Lt Tofi in Starfield.

Moreover, you have to collect all the evidence through documents, recordings, and conversations with Non-Players.

However, in order to complete this quest, first you should complete two quest lines of The Crimson Fleet and UC SysDef.

Additionally, 20 shreds of evidence are found in different locations where you will have to visit.

Finally, after completing all these four pieces of evidence, you should report back to Lt. Tofi about the evidence.

Luietnant Tofi will tell her side of the story and about her past and background.

In return, you can get exclusive rewards, 12000 credits, and 250 XP to help you further with another quest.

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The Burden Of Proof Not Completing: Causes

Some players are frustrated because they encounter errors while trying to complete Starfield’s Burden of Proof quest.

Therefore, here are the main causes of not completing the Burden of Proof:

1. Not Gathering Enough Evidence

In order to complete this Quest, players have to collect all the evidence.

However, players may not miss out on some important details in the game so they will not gather all the evidence.

Hence, this is one of the reasons why players are unable to complete the quest.

starfield burden of proof not completing
Burden Of Proof Quest.

2. Skipping The Communication Part with Tofi

Even after completing all the side quests and collecting all the 20 pieces of evidence, players are not getting rewards and credits.

In this case, players may have skipped the last part of gameplay which is the conversation with Lt. Tofi.

Additionally, Some game players might accuse The Burden of Proof quest of being bugged and poorly designed.

However, the quest is definitely not bugged, and you can complete the mission.

Burden Of Proof Not Completing: Fixes

Here are the solutions for the Burden of Proof not completing issue:

1.  Follow The Guide:

If you are missing some parts of evidence, you can easily collect all the evidence from the guidelines of The Crimson Fleet.

Thus, you can easily find the locations and details on how to complete the Quest. Follow the guidelines that will lead to evidence.

2. Listen To Lt. Tofi

But if you have collected all the evidence and still the check box of Burden of Quest is not completed, then you are missing an important part.

However, most of the players only collect the evidence and forget the last part of the mission which is the common problem.

You have to go through the entire conversation with Luietnant Tofi at the end of the quest and speak with her.

starfield burden of proof not completing
Lt. Tofi shares her past story.

Lt. Tofi will reveal important information about her past and background about the time she spent in prison.

After the prison story is completed, she will start having a lengthy conversation.

However, you should not skip any part of the conversation as the game’s main plot lies there.

Once the mission is completed, tell her “Look at you now” and ask her more questions about her past.

Additionally, she will reveal how her past has affected the entire Crimson Fleet quest line.

Hence, the mission is completed, and the problem is solved.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the last part of the conversation with Luietnant Tofi is crucial in completing the quest.

Hence, you should stay till the end of the game and ask questions with Tofi to find the real motive for collecting evidence.

Since Burden of Proof is not completing in recent days, developers may fix this bug or issues in the upcoming updates.

Players can also follow the above-mentioned possible fixes in this article.

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