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How To Defeat The Animals In Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk has a lot of criminal gangs among which players have to defeat the Animals gang as part of their mission.

Defeating the Animals champion is a part of the new side job of “Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado Walkthrough.”

In order to defeat the Animals gang in Cyberpunk, a player has to fight Rhino, who is the champion of the Animals. You can defeat Rhino by fighting in a ring using tactics such as using Gorilla Arms, Big Stats, etc. 

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Who Are The Animals In Cyberpunk?

Animals are one of the craziest gangs in Cyberpunk, based in the Grand Imperial Mall in the Pacifica Region.

They mostly work as hired bouncers and security guards in nightclubs due to their enormous size and appearance.

Similarly, members of Animals stay in small groups all around the Game, each having their own specific bosses, either males or females.

The Animals Gang
Member of Animal gang fighting on the underground match.

Moreover, they inject themselves with animal supplements and steroids instead of using electronic body implants.

They organize and fight in illegal underground matches using physical strength and are involved in drug dealings.

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How To Defeat The Animals In Cyberpunk?

Players will find various small individual groups as part of the Animals each having their own leader called “Alpha“.

Additionally, these Alpha can be male or female and are strong fighters who are difficult to beat in one go.

Similarly, the latest mission “Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado Walkthrough.” requires you to beat the Animals champion called “Rhino“.

Moreover, you have to talk to Rhino in garage of Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo location on the map to start the fight.

There are plenty of ways through which you can defeat the “Rhino” which are described as follows:

1. Getting Gorilla Arms

Gorilla Arms are the melee items players can use as cyberware arms in Cyberpunk.

Similarly, players can buy gorilla arms from Ripperdoc or get them for free after finishing the main quest.

Gorilla Arms
Using Gorilla Arms to Fight the Rhino.

Moreover, using gorilla arms to fight the Rhino will enhance the force of your physical attacks.

Therefore, players should use gorilla arms to win the match much faster by increasing their health and stamina as well.

2. Avoiding Pit’s Edges

Players are playing in an abandoned small pit with many spiky ends and sharp edges that will hurt them.

Similarly, there is a ladder in the pit where you may get stuck, giving Rhino a chance to induct more damage on you.

Therefore, you will need to avoid getting stuck in the ladder and getting hit by spiky surfaces.

3. Getting Reinforced Tendons

Reinforced Tendons are the cyberware for your legs that you can use to perform a double jump in a match.

Similarly, you can dodge the attacks of the Rhino more efficiently by jumping in mid-air rather than fighting on the surface.

4. Dropping Melee Weapons And Heal Items Before The Match

You can drop the Heal items and Melee weapons from your backpack on the floor before the match starts.

Therefore, players can use these items during the match to increase their stamina and heal the incurred damage.

5. Maxing Out Attributes

Before starting the match, you can maximize your attributes, especially to enhance your physical attack power, health, stamina, etc.

Additionally, you can focus on specializing in attributes such as Body, Cool, and Reflexes to increase your chance to win against Rhino.

6. Backing Away From The Shove

Players must be careful when the Rhino starts swinging her arms to shove you with her powerful punch.

Rhino punches
Rhino punching players to shove them.

However, you can dodge the attack by backing away from Rhino and avoiding the sharp corners and ladder.

7. Starting “For My Son” Gig

If you are unable to beat the Rhino in a direct fight, there is another way to fight called the “For My Son” gig.

In this match, players have to kill a character called Logan Garcia, and they can use any melee weapons.

Moreover, Rhino will come to attack you in the match, thus making it easier for you to defeat using weapons.

Finally, after you defeat either Rhino or Logan, the “Beat on the Brat” match will automatically complete.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players can easily defeat the animals in Cyberpunk by using the techniques mentioned above.

Similarly, you can use cyberware like Gorilla Arms and Reinforced Tendons to enhance your fighting ability exponentially.

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