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Darktide Weapon Blessings: Types Of Barrage

Darktide offers several blessings that can be applied to your weapons, including various barrages.

You’ll encounter several enemies as you dive into the game. You need the best weapons with the best blessings to cut through the swath of enemies the game throws at you.

However, the best blessing depends on which weapon you are using.

In Darktide, there are several weapons you can equip, each with special blessings. Barrage is also a special weapon blessing that players can use with their weapon to increase its capacity to defeat enemies.

Continue reading to learn more about how barrage is used in Darktide.

What Is Barrage In Darktide?

The barrages are the darktide weapon blessings you get in the game. You can use these blessings on the associated weapon for every class in the game.

Darktide has four different classes, including Veteran, Zealot, Ogryn and Psyker. Whatever class you choose, it has unique weapons best suited for you.

However, different blessings are bound to different weapon types. These barrages come with various weapons that are associated with them.

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Types Of Barrage In Darktide

Barrage is the ability of some weapons or blessings to suppress enemies within a certain radius, making them cower or take cover.

Some weapons or blessings have different effects for their barrage. There are three Barrage in the game.

Here are the types of Barrage available in Darktide:

1. Ceaseless Barrage

The main weapon with which you can use this barrage includes the Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber. It is a weapon that can make players duck and cover.

You can also add more suppression to this weapon by adding the Ceaseless barrage to it.

This blessing provides you with more suppression the longer you continue firing the weapon.

Furthermore, ceaseless barrage comes with +20% suppression for every 2.5% of magazine spent during continuous fires.

It is great when enemies put more pressure on you. When enemies are locked into cover, it gives you some time to restore your health and load ammo.

The weapons that you can use for this barrage include:

  1. Achlys Mk VII Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber
  2. Gorgonum Mk IV Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber
  3. Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber

2. Inspiring Barrage

Inspiring barrage is one of the rarest blessings you get, and it seems to work best when playing concurrently with other players.

However, it takes forever to start generating stacks, and roughly 60% of the magazine reaches the third stack.

The barrage barely reaches the fourth right before you run out of ammo, so you have to pair this with a charmed reload.

Further, it is terribly optimized for stubber and Ogryns.

It comes with +4% toughness for every 10% of magazine spent during continuous fire.

The weapons associated are:

  1. Achlys Mk VII Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber
  2. Foe-Rend Mk II Ripper Gun
  3. Foe-Rend Mk V Ripper Gun
  4. Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun
  5. Gorgonum Mk IV Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber
  6. Ius Mk III Shredder Autopistol
  7. Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber
  8. Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun

Similarly, another inspiring barrage blessing comes with +4% toughness for every shot fired during continuous fire.

The weapon associated with this barrage is Lorenz Mk V kickback.

Also, the other inspiring barrage helps to replenish 60% of toughness over time during continuous fire.

Moreover, the Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer weapon uses this blessing.

3. Terrifying Barrage

This barrage suppresses enemies within six meters on close-range kill. There are some pox walkers you can easily kill using this weapon with the suppressor.

The suppression amount is based on how far the enemy is from the killed enemy.

Terrifying barrage with its associated weapon in Darktide.
Terrifying barrage with its associated weapon in Darktide.

Moreover, this weak blessing doesn’t perform well unless you kill multiple enemies close to each other within a few seconds.

But your weapon also applies better suppression and is faster, though they stack.

The Bottom Line

Overall, these blessings increase the weapon’s capacity and are a great way to tackle enemies easily in the game.

Darktide barrage is a powerful weapon blessing that can increase power, damage capacity, cleave, and stagger the associated weapons.

Players can choose from these three types of barrage with their unique weapons and their individual abilities.

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