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Starfield Auto Turrets Not Firing: How To Fix?

One of the features that has caught the attention of many players is the auto turrets, which are mounted on various ships and stations in the game.

Auto turrets are automated weapons that can shoot at enemies without human intervention, making combat more accessible and efficient.

In Starfield, some players have reported that their auto turrets are not firing, malfunctioning, and shooting randomly. This can be frustrating and annoying, mainly if you rely on your auto turrets to defend your ship or station from hostile forces.

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What Is Auto Turrets In Starfield?

Auto turrets are a type of weapon system found in Starfield.

They are usually mounted on ships or stations with a high-security level or a crew member with tech skills such as Automated Weapon Systems.

Auto turrets can be controlled by the player or the system, depending on the settings.

Auto Turrets weapons ship in Starfield
Auto Turret weapons ship in Starfield.

There are different auto turrets in Starfield. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Pulse Laser Turrets

Pulse Laser Turrets are small, fast-firing weapons that can damage enemies at close range.

They are suitable for sniping or harassing enemies.

Similarly, these weapons have a charge power that can shoot dense lasers at a single target and deal significant damage.

2. Missile Launchers

These are more significant and slower-firing weapons that can deal more damage to enemies at medium range.

They are suitable for blasting away enemies or destroying large targets.

However, these weapons can fire very far away and still damage the enemies.

3. Railgun

This powerful weapon can fire metal projectiles quickly and accurately.

At long range, it inflicts massive damage on enemies and is ideal for eliminating enemy ships or stations.

Similarly, it has a long range that helps fire very far away.

Auto Turrets Not Firing In Starfield

In Starfield, Auto turrets not firing means they are not shooting at anything, even though they have a target in their sights.

This can happen for various reasons. Some reasons for this might be as follows:

  • Target out of range: If the target is too far from the turret, it cannot hit it with its shots. The turret will either miss or hit something else instead.
  • Target out of sight: When the target is behind the cover or another object, it will not be visible to the turret’s sensors. The turret will either miss or hit something else instead.
  • Target out of lock: If the target moves too much or too little, it will not be locked by the turret’s aim assist system. The turret will either miss or hit something else instead.
  • Out of ammo: When no more ammo is left in its magazine, it cannot shoot back at the turret. The turret will either miss or hit something else instead.
  • Out of power: If no more power is left in its battery pack, it cannot fire its weapon. The turret will either miss or hit something else instead.
  • Out of control:  During malfunction in the turret’s system, such as a glitch, a bug, or a hack, it will not be able to function correctly.

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How To Fix Auto Turrets Not Firing In Starfield?

There are different ways to fix auto turrets not firing in Starfield, depending on what caused them to stop working in the first place.

Here are some possible solutions:

1. Scan Your Target

First, you should check your target and ensure it is within range and sight of your turret.

You should also ensure it is aligned with your turret’s sight cone and locked by your aim assist system.

If you cannot see your target, moving closer is best until you have a clear view.

Similarly, moving closer is advisable if your target is out of range until you can take a clear shot.

Further, if you cannot lock onto your target, move closer until you have a precise aim.

2. Check Your Ammo

Next, you should check your ammo and ensure it is not empty or low.

However, you should also ensure your weapon has enough power to fire.

Similarly, reload or switch to a different one if your weapon is out of ammo.

3. Review Your Settings

Players should check their settings to avoid conflicts and incompatibility.

It is essential to ensure that your settings provide enough options for adjustment.

If you encounter conflicts or incompatibilities, consider changing or resetting your settings to default.

4. Check Your System

It is essential to ensure that your system is working correctly and not compromised by hackers.

Also, make sure that your system has enough power to function.

If you notice any malfunctions, you must repair or replace your system with a new one.

Securing your system with a password or turning it off until the issue is resolved is advisable in a hack.

5. Examine Your Crew

You must examine your crew and ensure they are not interfering or sabotaging.

Confirming that your crew has the appropriate skills and permissions to operate the turret is essential.

In case of any interference, it is advisable to discipline or remove them from the turret.

However, if your crew is found to be sabotaging, it is best to address the situation by confronting them or taking action against their actions.

6. Using Tech Skills

Check if you or your crew use tech skills to use the auto turrets such as Automated Weapon Systems.

Automated Weapon Systems skill in Starfield
Automated Weapon Systems skill in Starfield.

Since it doesn’t specify in the game that you need Automated Weapon Systems to use, it can confuse players.

But after getting Automated Weapon Systems skills, you should be able to use auto turrets.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Starfield’s auto turrets are a great feature that can make combat more accessible and efficient.

However, they might not fire properly for various reasons that need fixing.

Following the abovementioned steps, you can fix auto turrets not firing in Starfield and enjoy using them in various situations.

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