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BG3 Thunder Vs. Lightning: Which One Is Better?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many spells that provide players with flexibility and versatility to use them in combat.

One of the aspects of combat in BG3 is the use of different types of magic, such as thunder and lightning.

In BG3, the Thunder vs Lightning elements have different effects and advantages in different situations depending on the combat. Some differences between them are target damage, attacking scenario, etc. 

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What Is Thunder In BG3?

Thunder is a type of magic that deals sonic damage, also known as force damage.

However, sonic damage is caused by sound waves or vibrations that can shatter or disrupt objects and creatures.

Thunder area damage in BG3
Thunder area damage in BG3

Furthermore, thunder spells in BG3 include Thunderwave, Shatter, Thunderclap, and Booming Blade.

These spells have various effects, such as pushing enemies away, deafening them, or causing them to take extra damage if they move.

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What Is Lightning In BG3?

Lightning deals with electric damage, also known as shock damage.

However, electric damage is caused by electricity or lightning bolts that can zap or stun objects and creatures.

Chain Lightning damage in BG3
Chain Lightning damage in BG3.

Furthermore, lightning spells in BG3 include Shocking Grasp, Witch Bolt, Lightning Bolt, and Chain Lightning.

These spells have various effects, such as preventing enemies from taking reactions, dealing continuous damage, or hitting multiple targets.

BG3 Thunder Vs. Lightning: Differences

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the enemy’s resistance and vulnerabilities, the environment, and the player’s strategy.

Here are some general guidelines to help you decide which element to use:

1. Weakness and Advantages

Some enemies in BG3 are weak to sonic damage, such as oozes, crystals, or creatures with brittle bones.

Likewise, thunder can exploit their weakness and deal double damage to them.

Some enemies in BG3 can be affected by environmental effects, such as water or oil.

If an enemy is wet or standing in water, then lightning can deal extra damage to them or spread to other nearby enemies.

Similarly, if an enemy has metal equipment, such as weapons or armor, lightning can deal extra damage to them or cause them to drop their items.

2. Target Damage

Use thunder if you want to control the battlefield. Thunder spells can affect a large area or push enemies away from you or your allies.

Furthermore, this can help you create space, disrupt enemy formations, or prevent them from reaching you.

Use lightning if you want to focus on single-target damage. Lightning spells can deal high amounts of damage to one or a few targets.

However, this can help you eliminate priority threats quickly or finish off wounded enemies.

3. Attacking Scenario

Lightning spells can prevent enemies from taking reactions, such as opportunity attacks or counterspells.

Likewise, this can help you escape danger, interrupt enemy spells, or set up combos with your allies.

Some enemies in BG3 have natural or magical protection against electric damage, such as blue dragons, storm giants, or creatures wearing metal armor.

Similarly, thunder can bypass their defenses and deal total damage to them.

Pros And Cons Of Thunder

Both thunder and lightning have their pros and cons in BG3.

However, it is up to the player’s uses and needs in combat to utilize these magics.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Thunder in BG3:

Thunder pros

  1. It can bypass electrical resistance or immunity.
  2. Can exploit the sonic vulnerability
  3. It can affect a large area or push enemies away
  4. Enemies moving can result in additional damage.

Thunder cons

  1. Some enemies can resist or be immune to this.
  2. One must be cautious to avoid harming allies.
  3. This can potentially alert enemies in the vicinity.
  4. Silence can be a countermeasure.

Pros And Cons Of Lightning

Similarly, lightning also has its pros and cons and here are some of them:

Lightning pros

  1. This ability can cause additional harm to foes that are wet or made of metal.
  2. Can spread to multiple targets
  3. It is capable of dealing significant damage to a single target.
  4. This ability can stun or paralyze enemies.

Lightning cons

  1. Some enemies may have resistance or immunity to this.
  2. It is essential to be cautious so as not to cause harm to your allies accidentally.
  3. Sometimes, an object that covers something else can obstruct the view.
  4. It can be grounded by using a rubber.

The Bottom Line

Thunder and lightning are potent elements in BG3 that can give you an edge in combat.

However, thunder and lightning are not equally effective in every situation.

It is best to consider the enemy’s resistance and vulnerabilities, the environment, and your strategy before choosing which element to use.

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