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Fist Rowan BG3: Find The Secrets

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can encounter various secrets, hidden items, weapons, secret rooms, loots, messages, etc.

Among many secrets you can discover is the true identity of Fist Rowan.

In BG3, you can encounter Fist Rowan, a guard in Rivington. If you speak to him, he will inform you about the refugees. However, at the end of the conversation, he reveals that he is Orin, who had been shapeshifting as a Fist Rowan.

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Who Is Fist Rowan In BG3?

Fist Rowan is a character you can encounter in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a human guard living in a barn near the north area.

Similarly, if you talk to him, you will soon realize something is wrong with him. For example, he will tell you about the refugees living in the city.

Find Fist Rowan near the north area of the barn
Find Fist Rowan near the north area of the barn.

He will also act suspiciously if you ask more about refugees in the city that has been coming.

And if you try to convey to him about the refugees coming into the city and it’s not bad, he gets aggressive.

He will then persuade you to eliminate all the refugees taking over the city.

However, you will get three options, denying his response and refusing to participate in this delusion.

Orin Shapeshifting as Fist Rowan in BG3
Orin Shapeshifting as Fist Rowan in BG3.

Whichever option you choose will anger Rowan, and will try to threaten you. At the end of the conversation, he transforms and reveals that he is always Orin.

Orin then tells the Gortash that she has been watching her and her companion all this time.

Afterward, she teleported and disappeared from the scene.

Furthermore, Orin has been shapeshifting all this time and watching them while shapeshifting as a different person.

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Secrets Of Fist Rowan In BG3

The main secret of Fist Rowan is that he is Orin who has been using an illusion spell to disguise himself as Fist Rowan.

However, there are some other secrets that you can uncover about him if you explore further.

One of them is that Orin’s mission was to sabotage both factions and cause chaos and conflict.

He also planned to use his influence over the refugees to manipulate them into joining his cause or becoming his pawns.

He also intended to use his tadpole as a weapon against his enemies by infecting them with it or using it to control their minds.

However, after all this conversation with Fist Rowan, the story progresses through the main quest, “Get Orin’s Netherstone.”

 Fist Rowan changing to Orin
Fist Rowan transforms into Orin, a shapelifter.

Similarly, it is part of Act 3, in which you must obtain all three Netherstones for the Quest of Confront the Elder Brain.

For this, you need to look for clues about the location of Orin, and you need to comfort her.

However, now she can shapeshift to another person, as there have been many incidents.

Similarly, she has been shapeshifting into many people. Fist Rowan, Blacksmith, Reporter Lady, the Dryad and one of the guild members who was stabbed in a gang fight are some of them.

Furthermore, there is a way to know whether she is shape-shifting. You can throw a stone or a rock at her that will dispel the illusion of shapeshifting.

Even if the person is not Orin as a shapeshifter, throwing a rock or a stone doesn’t harm or intimidate them.

Similarly, you can use the Legendary resistance against the illusion magic that will dispel the magic.

The Bottom Line

Fist Rowan is one of the secrets and unexpected characters you can discover in Baldur’s Gate 3.

He is a vampire spawn who disguises himself as a guard and tries to manipulate you to kill all the refugees in the city.

However, he was Orin all this time, shapeshifting as Fist Rowan, who has been watching you all the time.

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