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King’s Flame Fuoco: The Factory Boss In Lies Of P

Lies of P is a thrilling soulslike video game loosely based on the 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.

Here, the players take on the role of Pinocchio, a robotic “puppet” who differs from other puppets in his ability to lie, which plays a significant role during essential story decisions.

In Lies of P, players are heading on their journey to find Geppetto, Pinocchio’s creator. During the journey, players must face off against various enemies, including the factory boss from Vegini Works.

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Factory Boss: King’s Flame Fuoco

Fuoco is the third major boss in the game. It is a slow opponent but could result in being dangerous given its highly damaging attacks.

Once players understand the pattern, it becomes relatively easy to evade its attacks and retaliate with counter-damage.

Similarly, Fuoco’s attack pattern changes with its health. As the players deplete their health even more, it starts dealing more damage and the pattern changes.

Initially, Fuoco’s attacks include a round sweep, straight attack runs and arm strikes.

Factory Boss: King's Flame, Fuoco
Factory Boss: King’s Flame, Fuoco.

These attacks are easy to dodge and an excellent opportunity to deal with counter damage as players adapt.

As Fuoco’s health drops by half, it starts gaining access to new attacks, which include firestorm, fire vortex and fire breath.

In the second phase, Fuoco throws tars and fireballs, breathes a stream of fire, and creates a vortex of fire all around itself.

The second phase attacks mostly include the longer-range ones, which are quite easy to dodge if predicted correctly.

So as to dodge these, players need to stay as close to Fuoco as possible.

Lastly, the last offensive move is using a flamethrower, which is comparatively simple to defend against.

Staying close can help dodge the attack and allow for some counterhits.

How To Reach The Factory Boss In Lies Of P?

Players will be able to find the boss in the Venigni Works factory, which is the third area in Lies of P.

Similarly, it is a factory located in the city of Krat and is the place where most of the puppets were created.

Lies of P: Venigni Works
Venigni Works in Lies of P.

As players follow a series of paths and get past a series of challenges and some action, they will find the man Venigni on the second floor.

Following that, the easiest way for players to get to the boss is from the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer.

From there, they can walk over the pipes and drop down into the room, where they can find the boss and some puppets.

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Rewards After Defeating Boss

Players are highly rewarded once they defeat the Fuoco boss. They also get 7081 Erogo after defeating the factory boss.

Lies of P: Kings Flame Fuoco Rewards
Lies of P: Kings Flame Fuoco Rewards.

Here are the rewards that you get after the fight:

1. High-Powered Flame Amplifier

A high-powered Flame Amplifier is an exchange material. You can use it to craft the Flamberge, a Legion Arm.

Additionally, players can use them to upgrade different parts of their weapons.

2. Kings Flame Ergo

Kings Flame Ergo is a rare item given to Alidoro to acquire the weapons Holy Sword of the Ark or Conquering Amulet.

Additionally, it is a consumable item and can be consumed to obtain 5000 ergo.

3. Flame Grindstone

The Flame Grindstone is a type of Grindstone that can temporarily infuse weapons with the power of fire.

Additionally, to get this item, you must talk to Venigni, the owner of Hotel Krat and a friend of Pinocchio.

The Bottom Line

Lies of P allows players to experience a touch of Pinocchio in an action souls-like game set in a dark Belle Époque world.

Furthermore, once players clear the first two areas, they can challenge the factory boss at the Venigni Works factory.

Ultimately, players can defeat the boss by learning its attack patterns, dodging, and retaliating.

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