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How To Get Gems In Clicker Heroes?

Clicker Heroes is a well-known idle game to gather gold, hire heroes, and battle against monsters.

Gems, also known as rubies, are a unique currency that can be used to buy various items and upgrades in the game.

In Clicker Heroes, gems are rare and valuable, so you might wonder how to get more or what is the faster way to get them. However, getting gems (rubies) isn’t easy, but there are some ways to get them, such as through quests, clickables, ads, etc.

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What Are Gems In Clicker Heroes?

In the game, Gems are a currency that can be used to buy different things.

Unlike gold, earned by killing monsters, gems are obtained by other means.

Ruby logo in Clicker Heroes
Ruby logo in Clicker Heroes.

Some of the things that you can buy with gems (rubies) are:

1. Timelapse

These allow you to skip a certain amount of time and get the gold and progress that you would have earned during that time.

Timelapses help speed up your game and reach higher zones faster.

Similarly, it also helps you progress through the quest and zones faster.

2. Auto Clickers

These devices can automatically click for you at a specific rate.

Furthermore, auto-clickers can be assigned to your heroes, monsters, or abilities.

Auto clickers help increase your damage and activate skills without manual clicking.

3. Quick Ascensions

These can give you many hero souls based on your highest zone ever reached.

However, hero souls are used to upgrade ancients and outsiders, which provide various bonuses and effects.

Quick ascensions boost your power and advance further in the game.

4. Gilds

These are random upgrades that can be applied to your heroes.

Gilds increase the damage of your heroes by a certain percentage.

Furthermore, gilds can be moved between heroes using gems or hero souls.

However, gilds are essential for optimizing damage output and reaching higher zones.

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How To Get Gems In Clicker Heroes?

Gems, also known as Rubies, are rare items in Clicker Heroes that are harder to obtain.

However, there are several ways to get gems in clicker heroes.

Here are some of the ways to get gems (rubies) in Clicker Heroes:

1. Mercenary quests

Mercenaries are companions that can be hired and sent on various quests. Some of these quests reward you with gems.

Choosing Mercenary quests to get rubies in Clicker Heroes
Choosing Mercenary quests to get rubies in Clicker Heroes.

However, the amount of gems you can get from mercenary quests depends on the quest’s duration, difficulty, and rarity.

Mercenaries can also die during quests, but they can be revived using gems or candy canes (a unique item that can be obtained during Christmas events).

2. Clickables

Clickables are objects that appear randomly on the screen. They can be fish, birds, bees, or presents.

Furthermore, clicking on them will give you a small amount of gold and sometimes a gem.

Clicking on Clickables to get rubies in Clicker Heroes
Clicking on Clickables to get rubies in Clicker Heroes.

The chance of getting a gem from a clickable is 44%, but it can be increased to 88% by having Revolc, an ancient item that doubles the ruby chance from clickables.

Increasing the chance of rubies using Revolc in Clicker Heroes
Increasing the chance of rubies using Revolc in Clicker Heroes.

3. Ads

If you play on mobile or websites like other online games, you can watch ads to get gems.

The number of gems you can get from ads varies depending on the platform and the region.

However, Ads are usually limited per day, so you cannot watch them endlessly to get gems.

4. Purchases

The fastest and easiest way to get gems is to buy them with real money.

You can purchase different gems ranging from 20 to 1,300 using various payment methods.

Moreover, buying gems will support the game’s developers and help them create more content and updates.

The Bottom Line

Gems (rubies) are essential in Clicker Heroes which helps you progress faster and reach higher zones.

Furthermore, you can get gems by completing mercenary quests, clicking on clickables, watching ads, or buying them with real money.

However, gems are rare and limited, so use them wisely and enjoy the game.

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