Dreamlight Valley: A Guide To Complete Regal To-Do List

regal to do list dreamlight valley
Complete Regal To Do List.

Haunted Holiday Star Path is a new adventure with a spooky theme mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley on Halloween.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must complete the Regal To Do List as the Haunted Holiday Star Path task.

Players have to complete 15 Dreamlight duties to complete a regal to do list in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Continue to read more about how to complete regal to do list tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Are Regal To Do List?

Crossing off the Regal To-Do List is one of the Haunted Holiday Star Path Duties that will provide you exclusive rewards.

To complete this task, players can simply complete a total of 15 Dreamlight duties.

regal to do list dreamlight valley
List of Dreamlight Duties.

Additionally, players should complete many Dreamlight Duties ranging from daily tasks to complex ones.

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List Of Regal To-Do List

Here are some of the Dreamlight tasks that you can complete to cross off regal to do list:

1. Plant The Crops

One of the basic and easiest Dreamlight Duties is to plant the crops. You can plant these crops daily at any part of the day.

Similarly, you can plant the seeds, harvest the crops, and fertilize and water them daily to nurture them.

regal to do list dreamlight valley
Harvesting crops in the Valley.

Moreover, harvesting the crops can be beneficial as you can either eat it or sell it to gain more coins in the game.

2. Clean Up The Valley

Another Dreamlight task that you can complete is to clean up the valley.

Although cleaning up the valley may sound like a chore, it is one of the essential tasks in Dreamlight Valley.

You can clear the unwanted rocks and thorns and discover new resources and materials.

3. Feed The Critters

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can make friends with animals by feeding them daily.

Feed the Critters in Dreamlight Valley.
Feed the Critters in Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, Feeding the critters helps you to make new friends with the animals which will help you collect the shards.

4. Visit Scrooge’s Shop

Scrooge’s Shop is a renowned Dreamlight Valley shop offering you a new and unique inventory.

Since the items and materials in Scrooge’s shop get updated daily, you should also get updated.

Hence, visiting Scrooge’s Shop once a day is necessary to find new rare items and update your inventory.

5. Visit Chez Remy

Chez Remy is another place you must visit daily as part of your Dreamlight Duty.

Similarly, it is a renowned restaurant where you can meet new friends and make different meal recipes.

regal to do list dreamlight valley
Chez Remi in Dreamlight Valley.

Additionally, visiting Chez Remy will be beneficial as you can serve and sell the meal to earn some profits.

6. Upgrade Your Character

One of the fun parts of the game is that you can choose to upgrade your character according to your choice.

Moreover, upgrading your character will help you unlock new inventory items, quests, and bonus points.

Additionally, you can go to the Character Guide page to upgrade your character.

7. Collect And Sell Gems

There are various gems that can be found inside the Dreamlight Valley which is one of the most valuable resources.

Moreover, you can go and mine these gems in a specific location and collect them.

Collecting Gems in the Vallley.
Collecting Gems in the Valley.

Additionally, you can sell these gems to gain a higher profit margin or even use these gems to unlock different quests.

8. Find The Blue Treasure Chest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will receive the blue treasure once a day, but you should search for it.

Similarly, look at the map, spot the location, and venture out to find the place where you can find a blue treasure chest.

Additionally, inside the blue treasure chest, you can find moonstones and collect them.

9. Collect The Berries And Flowers.

Collecting resources and materials is one of the essential tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You will contribute a lot to the valley by only picking these items.

Moreover, giving flowers to the villagers will help you increase your friendship stats and build a nice relationship.

Additionally, various potions require large amounts of ingredients. Daily collecting of these materials can contribute to that.

10. Basic Tasks

You should check your Dreamlight tasks daily as they can sometimes be completed within 30 seconds.

The task can be as easy as changing clothes, going shopping, selling a mineral and many more.

Moreover, completing such daily tasks will just take some seconds and offer you the best rewards.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Regal to-do list task simply refers to the Dreamlight duties you do daily.

Completing regal to-do tasks will provide you with rewards that will help you unlock further Dreamlight Valley quests.

Hence, completing the Dreamlight duties is your daily chore that you shouldn’t miss at all.

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