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Lies Of P Strength Build: Experience The Brutal Combat

Lies of P is a dark and brutal action RPG that challenges players to survive in a terrifying world where humans have been turned into puppets by a mysterious plague.

Players can customize their character by choosing a build that suits their playstyle and preferences.

In Lies of P, selecting the strength build is crucial since it depends on the progress of your journey and your character’s stats. However, there are many ways to build your strength, such as investing in attributes, equipping weapons and armor with strength stats, etc.

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What Is Strength Build In Lies Of P?

Strength build is one of the four main builds in Lies of P, along with Dexterity, Quality and Advance build.

Furthermore, it relies on increasing your strength attribute, which affects your physical damage, defense, and stamina.

Similarly, it also benefits from upgrading your weapons and armor with materials that boost your strength stat.

Path of the Sweeper is the strength build that provides more HP and high-weight capacity in gear.

Selecting a Strength build character in Lies of P
Selecting a Strength build character.

Strength build is ideal for players who want to use powerful weapons such as axes, hammers, maces, and greatswords.

These weapons have high damage output but consume more stamina and are slower to swing.

However, strength build also allows you to wear heavy armor, providing more protection and reducing mobility and agility.

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How To Build Strength In Lies Of P?

In Lies of P, building your strength from the beginning is very important, and there are many ways to build strength.

Here are some of the ways to build your strength in Lies of P:

1. Invest In Attributes

Investing in your attribute points into strength will help you level up faster.

You can also use some items that increase your strength permanently or temporarily.

However, choosing the best attributes for strength, such as Motivity, is also essential.

2. Equipping Weapons And Armor

Equip weapons and armor that have high strength requirements and bonuses.

You can also upgrade them with materials that enhance their strength attributes.

Defeating the Boss with Strength Build in Lies of P
Defeating the Boss with Strength Build.

Similarly, you can also get high-strength weapons and armor from defeating the boss.

3. Using Skills

Players should use skills that boost their strength or benefit from it.

For example, you can use the skill “Berserk” to increase your damage and defense at the cost of losing control over your character.

Similarly, you can boost the weapons and armor using skills that boost their strength.

4. Choosing Companions

You can also choose companions that complement your strength build.

For example, you can choose a companion that can heal you, distract enemies, or provide support fire.

However, these companions are AI-based, so they will act upon themselves and can be trounced.

Pros And Cons Of Strength Build In Lies Of P

Strength build has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the other builds.

Here are some of the pros and cons of strength build in Lies of P:

Pros Of Strength Build

  1. You can stagger or knock down enemies with a single powerful hit.
  2. With your high defense and health, you are better equipped to endure combat and increase your chances of survival.
  3. You can use powerful skills like power attacks, charge attacks, and weapon throws that require high strength.
  4. You can efficiently expose their vulnerable spots by targeting enemy shields and armor.

Cons Of Strength Build

  1. Your stamina and speed may be lower, which could make you more susceptible to quick and agile opponents.
  2. Also, you have less flexibility and variety in combat, mainly relying on brute force and confrontation.
  3. With less access to ranged attacks and stealth options, which can limit your tactical choices.
  4. Sometimes, you may not work well with particular companions or items prioritizing different attributes.

The Bottom Line

Strength build is a viable option for players who want to experience the brutal combat of Lies of P with a straightforward and powerful approach.

However, strength build has some drawbacks, such as low stamina and speed, which can make you struggle against enemies and situations.

Therefore, you must balance your strength build with other aspects of the game, such as skills, companions, and items.

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