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Mad Clown Puppet: Easy Cheese Method

Mad Clown Puppet Cheese in Lies of P is an optional battle that you can either choose to fight or skip.

Players can get access to rare Ergo after defeating the Mad Clown Puppet, a boss which can be used to level up.

Mad Clown Puppet cheese can be tricky, yet you can achieve it using techniques such as perfect guard, dodging attacks, etc. After defeating the boss, you will receive the Ergo, which can be exchanged for weapons, amulets, etc.

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Who Is Mad Clown Puppet?

Mad Clown Puppet is the mini-boss that is found in the Estella Opera House of the Entertainment District.

However, players can still choose to either fight the boss or skip the battle as they can skip to a further level in the game.

Similarly, players find it difficult to beat Mad Clown Puppet as this boss has extremely powerful attacks.

Mad clown fight
Fighting with the Mad Clown Puppet.

Moreover, you have to fight Mad Clown Puppet on the Rosa Isabelle Street road, a sloppy terrain.

Additionally, players will encounter several mini-puppets who throw the flamethrower attack, which they must be aware of to avoid Overheating.

Finally, if you defeat Mad Clown Puppet, then you can get rewards like rare Ergo and Quartz.

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Ways To Cheese Mad Clown Puppet

Players will find it really difficult to defeat the Mad Clown Puppet as this boss has the highest HP in Lies of P.

Similarly, you have to be aware of the flames that are on your way while fighting this mini-boss.

However, you can still defeat this boss using the techniques discussed below:

1. Upgrade Weapons And Items

Players should buy certain types of items in order to defeat the Mad Clown Puppet in the fight.

Similarly, you should buy the following items to assist you in the battle:

  1. Thermite
  2. Carcass Body Fluid Bottle
  3. Throwing Cell
  4. Sharp Pipe
  5. Saw Blade 

Additionally, players can buy these items from the merchant of Lobster Hotel in the Malum District of Lies of P.

Buying Items
Buying throwing items in Lobster Hotel.

Moreover, you need to buy the maximum amount of these items and continuously throw these items at the boss.

Finally, by dodging the attacks, healing yourself whenever you get hit and attacking the boss by throwing items, you can defeat the boss.

2. Hiding Behind The Bush In Stargazer Point 

Players can use one of the easiest ways to cheese the Mad Clown Puppet by persuading the boss to come to Stargazer Point.

Similarly, you will need to hide behind a bush in the Stargazer Point; thus, the boss will never be able to attack you.

Therefore, players need to attack the Mad Clown using long-range attacks and throwing items to defeat the boss easily.

3. Using Perfect Guard And Weapons

Players can also use the Perfect Guard in order to guard the long-ranged attack from the Mad Clown Boss.

Moreover, after throwing a long-range attack, the boss takes some time to throw another attack.

Mad clown punch
Mad Clown Puppet throwing punches at players.

Therefore, you need to get close to the Clown at this moment and attack it with weapons like a Bone-Cutting Saw or Holy Sword of the Ark and Aegis.

Similarly, players can upgrade their P-organs such as Link Dodge and Increase Staggerable Window.

Attacks And Counters Of Mad Clown Puppet

The following are the types of attacks that Mad Clown Puppet throws at you and ways to counter them:

1. Twirling Arms

In this attack, Mad Clown extends his arms to attack you while twirling them and advancing towards you.

However, you can dodge this attack or block it if you can’t dodge it in time.

2. One-Two Punch

Mad Clown will throw random punches at you switching between left and right hands in this attack.

Therefore, you should either block the attack or you can simply distance yourself from the boss as this is a close-range attack.

3. Belly Thrust

In this attack, Mad Clown Puppet will throw its belly at you first to attack you with the full attack force from mid-range.

Similarly, you can dodge this attack by anticipating the animation of the boss as this attack might knock you over.

4. Uppercut Punch

In this attack, the boss will throw a normal uppercut punch at you quickly followed by another close-range attack.

However, players can dodge this attack by simply moving to the opposite side or using Perfect Guard.

5. Fury Attack

The Mad Clown will glow red before throwing a strong set of punches at you which are really difficult to dodge.

Therefore, you must dodge this attack by sprinting left or right and counter it using Perfect Guard.

6. Circus Spin

In this attack, the Clown will spin his right arm over his head and approach you to attack with the spinning arm.

Similarly, players can move away from this attack and dodge it while they can also use Perfect Guard if they can’t dodge it on time.

7. Smash

The Mad Clown will stomp both fists on the ground, forcing a huge thrust and decreasing your health.

Therefore, you need to quickly dodge it as this attack has a long range of impact.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Mad Clown Puppet is a mini-boss that has a lesser amount of attacks with strong damage force.

However, players can defeat this boss easily using the above-mentioned techniques and get the Ergo and Quartz.

Similarly, you can use Ergo to buy new weapons and the Quartz to upgrade your weapons and P-organs.

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