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Payday 3 Heavy Swat: How To Defeat?

In Payday 3, players have to defeat a bunch of enemy units, including common, uncommon, and special forces.

You must confront multiple enemies with varying levels of difficulty throughout the game such as Security, Cop, Heavy Swat, Zapper, Bulldozer, etc.

Enemies armed with short-range guns like pistols are not as deadly as heavily armored enemies like Heavy Swat.

Heavy Swat is a challenging enemy unit that is equipped with an AMCAR-4 assault rifle or Reinbeck shotgun in Payday 3 and is highly armored. Players need to concentrate their fire on the head of the Heavy Swat for an easy kill.

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Swats In Payday 3

In Payday 3, players encounter Swats as enemy units on medium and hard difficulty levels.

Similarly, they armor themselves with Kevlar helmets and vests and also equip a range of lethal weapons.

These weapons include  AMCAR-4 assault rifles, Compact 5 Sub Machine Gun, Reinbeck Shotguns as well as smoke and stun grenades.

Swats in Payday 3.

Players encounter the Swats unit multiple times in the game from the initial phase of assault to the end of the heist.

Additionally, players need to fight two different Swats in the game:

  1. Blue Swat
  2. Heavy Swat

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Heavy Swat: An Overview

Heavy Swat is an enemy unit, that presents a never-ending attack from the beginning of the assault to the end of the heist.

Players encounter these enemies in the difficult stages of the game and are quite dangerous.

Similarly, High Swat has comparatively double the health of regular Swat making them a formidable opponent unit.

Heavy Swat in Game.
Heavy Swat in Game.

Besides that, Heavy Swats possess high-quality armor and deadly weapons such as an AMCAR-4 assault rifle and Reinbeck shotgun.

Additionally, you encounter two different Heavy Swats in several phases of the game.

Heavy Swat riflemen and Heavy Swat shotgunners carry rifles and shotguns respectively but are equally armored and dangerous.

However, Heavy Swat still maintains a surprising level of agility and speed wearing their heavy armored suit.

How To Defeat Heavy Swat?

Players have to kill Heavy Swat repeatedly at various game levels to neutralize Heavy Swats effectively.

Heavy Swats are hard to fight against because of their speed, highly protective armor, and the lethal weapons they carry.

Firstly, while you try to gain control over the situation, you can attempt to take them as a hostage and make them kneel on the ground.

Heavy Swat in Payday3
Fighting Heavy Swat.

It is required to shout at Heavy Swat within a distance of 5 meters, which may lead them to surrender.

Moreover, you can earn the achievement “Intimidating” if you make them kneel on the ground giving up.

If you can’t take Heavy Swat as a hostage, you must engage in direct combat with them to defeat them.

Heavy Swats Encounter.
Encountering Heavy Swats.

Simultaneously, facing Heavy Swat individually should not be a big deal as they can be killed with target and precision practice.

You need to be precise with your aim and target their head which will blow out Heavy Swat’s helmet, ultimately leading to their defeat.

However, you should be careful about the conditions of your health and armor when facing Heavy Swat in great numbers.

The Bottom Line

In Payday 3, players are bound to encounter dynamic enemies ranging from common to special forces.

Heavy Swats stand out as a formidable enemy unit because of their highly protected armored suits and lethal weapons.

Players should always take the right initiative and adapt to their strategies based on the enemy’s armor and weapon.

Focus on landing your bullet on the enemy’s head, especially when confronting formidable enemies like Heavy Swat.

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