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Cabot C3 Bridge: Cockpit With Stairs In Starfield

In Starfield, the Cockpit is the vital frontal part of the ship where pilots can control the overall flight path. You can modify and upgrade it according to your own desire.

Different types of cockpits have their own unique features, strengths, weaknesses, and advantages. In Starfield, Cabot C3 Bridge is the only cockpit with stairs that connect the large bridge and is manufactured by Nova Galactic.

Moreover, the ship’s cockpit helps you gain control over the ship’s and captain’s cargo.

Continue to read more about types of cockpits with stairs and how you can find them in Starfield.

Cockpit With Stairs In Starfield

In most of the ships in Starfield, the ladders are widely used in the cockpit which can be hectic and troublesome.

However, Nova Galactic has manufactured a unique cockpit where stairs are automatically attached inside.

starfield cockpit with stairs
Cockpit with Stairs in Starfield.

Cabot C3 Bridge is the only cockpit module in the Starfield that comes with stairs so you don’t have to deal with ladders.

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Cabot C3 Bridge: An Overview

Cabot C3 Bridge is one of the best cockpit types with stairs that join a large compartment.

Unlike other cockpits that only have ladders, it has stairs which is an additional upgrade in the cockpit.

Inside the cockpit are two central connections separated by the top and bottom floor stairs.

Additionally, Nova Galactic manufactures this cockpit and its base value is 9120 credits.

The frontier part is so huge that it is almost four times larger than other cockpits, giving you a spectacular view.

Cabot C3 Bridge in Starfield.
Cabot C3 Bridge in Starfield.

Additionally, the Cargo Capacity of the cockpit is 280, and there are 2 Crew Stations, unlike other cockpits.

Also, the cockpit with stairs provides you with wider space and large compartments for different sections.

Moreover, the mass of the cockpit is 14, and the Hull capacity is five which is very high damage resistance.

Likewise, players can use Cockpit in Level 1 as well by spending a total credit of 960 which is not so expensive.

Location Of Cockpit With Stairs In Starfield

In order to get the Cabot C3 bridge, you should travel to Titan in the Solar System.

Additionally, you can find the ship part manufactured by Nova Galantic in New Homestead on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Nova Galactin in Titan.
Nova Galactin in Titan.

Similarly, you will meet an unnamed Ship Services Technician of Nova Galantic, where you can modify and upgrade the cockpit.

Likewise, you will speak with the Ship Service Technician and request him to modify the ship modules.

After making a request, you can go to the Ship Builder section and modify the cockpit.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, the customization of ship modules with a good cockpit is essential as it is the ship’s heart.

Moreover, if you have a good frontier part, you can easily direct the ship’s path during the battle as well.

Hence, the Combat C3 Bridge is the only cockpit with stairs, wide space, and great mobility and speed in Starfield.

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