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Starfield Landing Pad With Shipbuilder Not Working: Possible Fixes

The ability to build and customize your ships as well as land them on different planets and outposts is one of the features of Starfield.

However, many players have reported that their landing pad and shipbuilder system prevents them from landing their ships at their outposts.

In Starfield, the landing pad with the Shipbuilder not working is a frustrating issue where ships land mysteriously inside the landing pad or have no visible outpost.

However, some solutions for this include selecting the correct location, Fast traveling, etc.

Continue reading more about the Starfield landing pad with shipbuilder not working issue and its fixes.

What Is A Landing Pad In Starfield?

A landing pad is a small area on a planet or an outpost where you can place your ship and make it land.

A blue icon on the map usually marks it, and you can access it by using the console or by fast-traveling to it.

Landing pad to land the ship in Starfield
Landing pad to land the ship in Starfield.

A landing pad can be helpful for several reasons:

  • It allows you to save time and resources by avoiding long-distance travel between your ship and your base.
  • The Shipbuilder console lets you customize your ship’s appearance, size, shape, color, and other features.
  • It gives you access to various tools and services that can help you maintain or upgrade your ship, such as repair stations, fuel stations, shops, etc.
  • Also, it lets you explore the planet or the outpost without worrying about damaging your ship or losing your items.

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Landing Pad With Shipbuilder Not Working Issue

There are several reasons why your landing pad with a shipbuilder might not work in Starfield.

Here are some of them:

1. Size Of Landing Pad

In Starfield, players have reported ship size and weight issues causing crashes during landing.

Your landing pad is too small for your ship, which makes it hard to fit.

To fix this, you can move your landing pad to a larger area or build a larger one using the console.

Small Landing Pad in Starfield
Small Landing Pad in Starfield.
Ship size in Shipbuilder in Starfield
Ship size in Starfield Shipbuilder.

2. Location Of Landing Pad

Your landing pad is too far away from your base; this can happen when you place near the outpost.

Similarly, players have reported that their ships land too far from their bases, requiring a long walk or run to reach them.

You can move your base closer to your landing pads or build more bases using the console to fix this.

3. Incompatible With Your Ship

Your ship cannot land on your current landing pad because it is incompatible. Different types of landing pads require specific ships.

Likewise, some players have reported that their ships are incompatible with specific landing pads, preventing use or causing issues.

Check if your ship matches landing pad requirements through console or screen information.

4. Console Bug Or Error

Your console has a bug or an error when landing your ship on the landing pad.

Several players have reported a bug or error preventing them from using landing pads.

Similarly, you can restart your console or update it using the console to fix it.

Landing Pad With Shipbuilder Not Working: Easy Fixes

Since there can be many reasons why it is not landing as mentioned above, there are also solutions according to them.

If none of the above solutions work for you, you can try the following ways to fix your Starfield landing pad with the Shipbuilder not working.

1. Check For Any Errors Or Screen Warnings 

Some messages or icons sometimes indicate something is wrong with your game or settings.

For example, if you see a red cross over your landing pad or a yellow exclamation mark over your computer terminal, there might be an issue with them.

However, it might also be caused by not aligning the ship with the landing pad.

2. Try Reloading Or Restarting Game

Sometimes, this might fix minor glitches or bugs that prevent your landing pad from working correctly.

To reload or restart the game, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Windows or Command+Option+Command+Esc on Mac, select “quit game,” and then “restart game.”

However, note that to save your gameplay before reloading or restarting the game.

3. Try Contacting Support 

If none of the above solutions work for you, there might be something wrong with Starfield’s servers or development team that needs their attention.

To contact support or report issues, go to their official website and fill out a form with as much detail as possible about what happened.

However, it might take some time for them to reply to you and give a solution to your problem.

The Bottom Line

Starfield is a fantastic game that offers many possibilities for exploration and adventure in space.

However, sometimes things might go wrong when you land your ship on a planet or an outpost using a landing pad with a shipbuilder.

If this happens to you, there are ways to fix it by following the abovementioned solutions.

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