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Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Discover The Truth

In Starfield, Breaking the Bank quest involves investigating the corruption and secrets of the Crimson Fleet.

One of the characters that players can encounter in this quest is Evgeny Rokov, a former UC commander who has defected to the Crimson Fleet.

Rokov is a crucial figure in the quest, as he holds valuable information and evidence that can expose the truth behind the fleet’s activities. However, depending on how players approach him, Rokov is also a potential in(ally) or out(enemy).

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Who Is Evgeny Rokov In Starfield?

Evgeny Rokov is a former UC commander who has defected to the Crimson Fleet.

He was once one of the most respected and trusted officers in the UCS Navy, but he became disillusioned with the corruption and politics within the system.

Later, he joined forces with Admiral Kryx Carter, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, who promised him freedom and power.

Rokov is now one of Carter’s most loyal and trusted lieutenants. He commands a small but elite squad of fighters and hackers known as “The Reckoners.”

He is also involved in various illegal and shady operations for Carter, such as smuggling contraband, stealing data slates, blackmailing corporations, and assassinating targets.

Rokov only cares about himself and his interests. He does not trust anyone outside his crew or Carter.

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How To Gather Evidence On Evgeny Rokov In Starfield?

To gather evidence on Evgeny Rokov in Starfield, you need to talk to different people who know him or have information about him.

You can use your scanner or your dialogue options to ask questions or make comments that can lead you to new clues or witnesses.

There are several ways to gather evidence on Evgeny Rokov in Starfield. Here are some of them:

1. Talk To Klaudia Twist

Klaudia Twist is an essential character in this quest who knows information about Larry Dumbrosky, who has the evidence.

You can use persuasion to convince her to give you the information about Dumbrosky.

Talk to Klaudia Twist in Starfield
Talk to Klaudia Twist in Starfield.

However, it will be difficult to convince her, and she might need to bribe her using credit to get the information.

2. Talk To Gabriel Vera

Gabriel Vogel is another crucial character in this quest. He is a UC cop scheming to scam GalBank with Klaudia.

However, convincing him to discuss the evidence is complex and requires high persuasion skills.

Talk to Gabriel Vera in Starfield
Talk to Gabriel Vera in Starfield.

Gabriel Vera will also tell players about his relationship with Rokov and how they were involved in the scheme as UC commanders.

However, players need to convince Gabriel to give evidence on Rokov that can be found in his cabin.

3. Search In The Captain’s Room.

Players can find evidence of Evgeny Rokov in the Captain’s room that is hidden.

However, you must use hacking or lock-picking skills to enter the Captain’s room.

Lock picking skill in Starfield
Lock-picking skill in Starfield.

You can find a data slate beside the Captain’s room bed.

4. Talk To Other NPCs

Players can gather evidence on Rokov by talking to other NPCs for clues.

Some may have information or opinions about Rokov that can help players decide.

For example, you can talk to Levi Debrofsky and get the evidence of the Rokov fraud scheme.

Players also need to talk to all three people involved in the scheme.

They can talk to Levi and learn about his relationship with Rokov and Gabriel and his views on the Crimson Fleet’s activities.

What Happens To Evgeny Rokov After The Quest?

In Starfield, the fate of Evgeny Rokov depends on how players deal with him during the quest line.

There are several possible outcomes, and some of them are:

1. Vouch For Him (In)

If players vouch for Rokov, they will convince the UCS officer that he is not a traitor or a criminal.

They will get rewards for this action, such as credits or reputation points.

They will also gain the trust and respect of The Reckoners, who will offer them some unique items or quests in the future.

2. Give The Evidence (Out)

If players choose to give the evidence against Rokov, they will hand him over to a UCS officer.

They will get rewards for this action, such as credits or reputation points.

However, they will also lose any chance of allying with The Reckoners in future quests.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Evgeny Rokov is a complex and controversial character in Starfield’s quest about the Crimson Fleet.

He holds valuable information and evidence that can expose the truth behind the fleet’s activities.

You should be aware of the risks and benefits of each choice before making a decision.

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