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How To Summon Scratch In BG3?

Balder’s Gate 3 allows players to recruit new companions to their team to make stronger crew members of playable teammates.

You will encounter the dog named Scratch who can serve as a valuable member of the teammate in the adventure.

In BG3, you can summon Scratch using a ball whenever you need it. You can summon him as a Familiar outside the camp who will help you find hidden treasures, traps, and loot.

Continue to read about information on the dog Scratch and how to summon him during missions in BG3.

Scratch In BG3: An Overview

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Scratch is a Non-Player Character who is a white fluffy dog that can assist you as a companion in the game.

Additionally, you can find the dog northwest of the Owlbear Nest, northeast of the Blighted Village.

Similarly, he has the strength of 13, Dexterity of 14, Intelligence of 3, Wisdom of 12, Charisma of 7 and Constitution of 12.

summon scratch bg3
Scratch, a dog in BG3.

Moreover, Scratch is guarding the deceased body of his master covered in blood.

You can use Animal Speaking Potions to speak with him and also interact kindly with him but do not try to steal from his dead master.

Also, you should let him follow behind your scent to the camp and play with him.

Additionally, Scratch can be helpful in hunting down hidden treasures and fetching items along the way.

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Ways To Summon Scratch In BG3

Players should use Handling Animals and Perception to speak with him and calm him down to gain his trust.

Here are some of the steps you can follow in Baldur’s Gate 3 to summon Scratch.

1. Get The Scratch Ball

After spending time with Scratch, it will offer you the ball that can be used to summon him.

Scratch’s Ball is a miscellaneous item in your inventory that you can play fetch with Scratch.

summon scratch bg3
Scratch with the ball.

If you throw the ball inside the camp, he will fetch it and return it to you back in the inventory.

However, if you throw the ball outside the camp, it will automatically summon Scratch a Familiar.

2. Use Ability Check Or Spell

You should use the “Speak with Animal” spell to interact with Scratch and summon him to complete the task.

Alternatively, you can also use Ability Check to summon Scratch.

Moreover, you need to engage in dialog with the Scratch to trigger the “Ability Check” option that will summon the dog.

However, if you sell the ball and give it to your other companion, you cannot summon Scratch again in the game.

3. Summon Scratch

Finally, once you owe the ball and the ability to summon Scratch, you can call him whenever needed.

You can simply interact with the ball in the inventory or search the summon his option in the action bar.

Additionally, you can call him a Familiar outside the camp and let him help you in the adventures and battles as well.

Summon Scratch as Familiar in Bg3.
Summon Scratch as Familiar in Bg3.

Moreover, you can summon Scratch to detect hidden treasure, traps, and enemies or to pick up items and loot on the journey.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you can summon Scratch whenever you want using Sctach’s ball once you gain his trust and become his friend.

Additionally, Scratch is a unique and adorable companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can make your camp more lively and enjoyable.

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