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Yahoo Comments Not Working: Causes And Fixes

People are facing Yahoo comments not working issues, which is creating havoc all over the internet and community groups.

This issue is especially seen in the Yahoo news comment section where users could normally comment on their statements.

Yahoo comments not working issue can arise due to various reasons such as not following community guidelines, Add-ons, etc. These issues can be resolved by removing unnecessary Add-ons, clearing older browser cache, etc.

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What Is Comments Not Working Issue?

Yahoo has been reporting the news all around the globe through their news site called Yahoo News.

Similarly, you can find all kinds of global news on the Yahoo News site, whether political news, tech, climate, etc.

Moreover, users can also comment on their views and perspectives on a particular news article via the comment section.

Yahoo News
People commenting on Articles in Yahoo News.

However, people are discussing on the community platforms like Reddit, Quora, etc. that they face issues while commenting.

Some users cannot comment on the article while some of them cannot even view the comment section on Yahoo News.

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Yahoo Comments Not Working: Causes

It is seen that Yahoo itself had disabled the comment section in Yahoo News before, but it’s enabled now.

However, some users are still complaining about being unable to view or comment on news articles.

Therefore, a few of the reasons why Yahoo comments not working issue persists are as follows:

1. Not Following Community Guidelines

Users have to follow all the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service as specified by Yahoo for the comments.

Therefore, not adhering to those guidelines might force Yahoo to block you from commenting or delete your comments.

2. Browser Add-ons 

People use different types of add-ons or extensions to use various software directly on their web browsers.

However, these extensions might sometimes interfere with the working of other sites like Yahoo News thus blocking their certain functions.

3. Cookies And Cache

Users should know that all the sites use cookies and cache to store information and load the sites faster.

Moreover, these cookies and cache files will be stored in your browser and sometimes might load outdated information for sites.

Therefore, this might cause the Yahoo News comment section not working issue.

4. Security Programs

People use various types of security programs like anti-virus software, Firewalls, etc in their web browsers.

However, these programs might block the overall sites or certain interactive contents of sites like the Yahoo News comment section.

5. Disabling Javascript In Browser

People should know that various websites use Javascript to enable interactive sections such as online polls or discussions.

However, your browser may disable running Javascript as a part of security which might restrict the comments from loading in Yahoo.

Yahoo Comments Not Working: Fixes

If you are facing Yahoo comments not working issue then the following solutions might help you fix them:

1. Adhere To Community Guideline

Yahoo has strict community guidelines for commenting on news articles in Yahoo News, which you must adhere to.

Therefore, you can try deleting your older comments that violate the guidelines, such as harassing someone, encouraging terrorism, posting malicious links, etc.

Moreover, you can find all the community guidelines and terms of service from the official Yahoo Help site.

2. Clearing Cache And Cookies

Clearing the older cache files and cookies can resolve the Yahoo comment not working issue.

You can clear the unnecessary cache files and cookies by the following steps:

  1. Go to your browser and open the Settings.
  2. Open the Privacy and Security option and click on the Third Party Cookies option.
  3. Search the website’s name and clear the cache and cookies of that site.

3. Turn Off Private Browsing And Enable Location

Sometimes Yahoo services might not work in certain restricted locations and while using the private browsing option.

Therefore, you can turn on your location service for Yahoo to confirm your location and let you comment on articles.

Moreover, users can also try turning off private browsing as Yahoo might take it as a security issue.

4. Disabling The Unnecessary Add-ons And Extensions

You can try disabling the Add-ons and extensions that you no longer need or are not that important to you.

Additionally, users can also try updating their browser and add-ons to the latest version in order to resolve this issue.

5. Security Programs And Javascript 

Security Programs might block certain sections of sites that they might find harmful or block the whole site.

Similarly, you can check the blocked or restricted list of websites or protocols in your antivirus software and remove Yahoo if it’s there.

Moreover, people can also try making Yahoo in the exception list of their Firewalls, or they can temporarily disable security programs to check whether you can comment or not.

In the same way, enabling the Javascript from your browser may resolve the Yahoo comment not working issue.

You can enable Javascript for websites with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Advanced settings option of your browser’s settings.
  2. Click on the Content Settings option from the “Privacy” section.
  3. Select Allow Sites to run the Javascript option from the “Javascript” section.

The Bottom Line 

Yahoo comments not working issue can be due to various reasons like violating community guidelines, disabling javascript, etc.

However, you can try resolving this issue using the above-mentioned fixes which will most probably resolve this issue.

Moreover, you can visit the official Yahoo Help Site if the same issue persists and report your issue to them.

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