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Unhallowed Emissary New World: How To Defeat?

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can explore, fight, craft, and trade in an open and dynamic world.

One of the main aspects of the game is the main story quest, which guides the players through the lore and history of Aeternum.

In New World, the Unhallowed Emissary is the main boss of the main quest “Beyond the Gates,” with the objective of “Fix the Corrupted Shrine.” Furthermore, to defeat an unhallowed emissary, you must prepare for battle, use potions, attack and keep your distance, and heal between the battles.

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What Is Unhallowed Emissary In The New World?

In New World, an unhallowed emissary is a level 60 main boss from the main quest “Beyond the Gates,” with the objective of “Fix the Corrupted Shrine.”

Its main objective is to defeat the unhallowed emissary and use the corrupted shrine.

However, the unhallowed emissary has a very long respawn timer. Considering other players also want to defeat him, it will take even longer.

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How To Defeat Unhallowed Emissary In New World?

Before defeating an unhallowed emissary from the main quest Beyond the Gates, you must complete another objective, “Defeat Corrupted Leviathan Test.”

However, to start the quest, you must head towards the north side of Aeternum in the Great Cleave.

There, you will find an NPC named Yonas Alazar, talk to him, and he will give you the quest’s objective.

These objectives are:

  1. Defeat Corrupted Leviathan Test
  2. Leave the plane of corruption
  3. Fix the Corrupted Shrine
  4. Use the Corrupted Shrine
  5. Meet with Yonas and the Soulwardens

1. Defeat Corrupted Leviathan Test

The quest begins with defeating the corrupted Leviathan, a level 50 monster.

To begin with, go inside the cave there, and you will see a blue globe floating near the pond.

Afterward, you need to charge the ancient altar by pressing E, which will activate the battle, and a corrupted Leviathan will appear from the pond.

Charge the ancient alter to activate the battle
Charge the ancient altar to activate the battle.

Furthermore, it will also hinder the Leviathan tentacles, which is when you can attack it.

Similarly, when the resistance disappears, you must quickly move around, find the next ancient alter, and keep charging.

You should keep doing this until you defeat the corrupted Leviathan.

Defeat the corrupted Leviathan
Defeat the corrupted Leviathan.

However, keeping your distance from Leviathan would be best since it can throw spells like a poison that could kill you.

After defeating the corrupted Leviathan, you need to go towards the stairs, where you will see a red glowing globe that says Soul Trail Exit.

Go to the Soul Trial Exit
Go to the Soul Trial Exit.

Press E and enter the quest’s next phase, where you will be in front of the Corrupted Shrine.

2. Fix The Corrupted Shrine

This is the second objective of the main quest, where you must defeat an unhallowed emissary to fix the corrupted shrine.

However, many players have reported that this quest is bugged where they cannot find the unhallowed emissary or it is not spawning.

Even though it has a long spawn time, there was still no sign of it appearing, leading to not completing this bug.

Furthermore, the developers are aware of this bug and have temporarily disabled the quest, which is said to be a critical bug.

Social media post for Beyond the Gates quest bug
Social media post for Beyond the Gates quest bug.

Likewise, they also stated that it will be reactivated once a fix has been deployed via a future hotfix.

If the developers have fixed the bug, you should know or prepare to defeat the unhallowed emissary.

Here are some of the tips for defeating unhallowed emissaries in the New World:

1. Prepare For The Fight

Before facing the Unhallowed Emissary, ensure you are well-equipped and well-prepared.

You should have a high-level weapon and armor that match your preferred playstyle and skills.

Similarly, you should have enough potions and ammo to sustain yourself during the fight.

2. Attack And Keep Your Distance

When you begin to attack, use a spell to restrict his movement and attack simultaneously.

However, it would be best to keep your distance from him since he is a formidable opponent that is harder to defeat.

Similarly, it would be best to use healing during the battle to keep up the damage from his attack since defeating him takes longer.

The Bottom Line

The Unhallowed Emissary is one of the most challenging and formidable enemies in the New World.

It is the final boss of the fix the corrupted shrine objective, part of the main story quest. However, due to a critical bug in this quest, the developer has temporarily disabled it.

Furthermore, the developer will deploy a fix coming in the near future via hotfix.

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