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Dark and Darker: Get Bard Spells And Its Perks

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer fantasy extraction game set in a dark fantasy medieval world.

It provides players with a variety of character classes to choose from, including fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, wizard, cleric, bard, and warlock.

In Dark and Darker, Bard is a support class that uses their music and magic spells to buff their allies and hinder their enemies. Some bard spells are healing, damage-dealing, crowd control, and utility.

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What Sort Of Character Class Is Bard?

Among a number of character classes, Bard falls under the support class to help their teammates with music and magic spells.

In Dark and Darker, Bards can also use their weapons and martial skills to defend themselves during combat.

Bard’s role typically includes inspiring their allies with rousing speeches and music, boosting their morale and granting them temporary bonuses.

Furthermore, players can boost the effect of their skills by hitting the right notes at the right time.

Their weapon of choice is Rapier, which is extremely good with passive buffs but also holds numerous cons, one being tunnel vision.

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Bard Skills In Dark And Darker

Bards character class has four sets of skills in the game, among which the players can choose from.

Players can equip any two of the skills at a time while playing a Bard class character.

Bard Class Character In Dark and Darker.
Bard Class Character In Dark and Darker.

Bards skills include:

  1. Dissonance: Blocks hostile targets, creating an unpleasant noise within a certain area, silencing them for 3 seconds.
  2. Encore: It plays the next song automatically to the end without any input and is sure to succeed.
  3. Music Memory: This can store up to five sheets of music.
  4. Music Memory 2: Players can use to store up to five sheets of music.

As for the perks, each character class can equip up to four perks at a time to help them cover their drawbacks.

Currently, there are over 11 perks that the players can choose from.

Since only four of them can be equipped at once, here are the four best ones for the Bards class:

  1. Charismatic Performance: This upgrades a good performance to a perfect performance.
  2. Superior Dexterity: This superior gives 50% faster switching time between items.
  3. Wanderer’s Luck: It increases the chances of finding high-quality items, i.e., Luck by +100.
  4. War Song: This provides Weapon Damage of Allies is increased by +3 for 6 seconds.

Bard Spells In Dark And DarkerĀ 

In Dark and Darker, Bard’s character can cast a variety of spells, including healing, damage, and crowd control spells.

Having a weapon of choice, a Rapier, players can also match up spells to complement their weapon.

Despite the vast collection, players are only allowed to equip four of them at once.

Bard characters’ healing spells include:

  1. Healing Touch: Players can use this to Heal an ally.
  2. Resurrection: This spell resurrects a dead ally.

As for the damage-dealing spells:

  1. Fireball: This helps to deal damage to the enemies in a target area.
  2. Lightning Bolt: Players use this to deal damage to a single enemy.
  3. Ice Bolt: This spell slows down and damages a single enemy.

Likewise, crowd control spells include:

  1. Dissonance: Players can stun all enemies in a target area.
  2. Song of Silence: This spell helps to Silence all enemies in a target area.

Similarly, utility spells can be listed as:

  1. Encore: This utility spell repeats the last song played.
  2. Song Memory: Both 1 and 2 allow them to play two additional songs.

In this way, the Bard character class holds a number of spells to choose from, leaving it with endless possibilities based on the player’s usage.

The Bottom Line

Hence, Dark and Darker allows the players to enjoy unforgiving hardcore first-person gameplay.

It provides players with endless possibilities, providing them with a large number of choices in builds, perks, skills and many more.

Ultimately, it totally depends on the players how they equip their Bard class character, affecting their gameplay.

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