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Hidden Gesture Secrets In Lies of P

Lies of P is a dark fantasy game where players embark on their exciting journey to a world plunged into chaos.

It allows players to enjoy a number of characters, equipment, locations, enemies and many usable items and materials.

Likewise, players can use a number of gestures to express emotions in the game.

Apart from that, Lies of P also hides a number of gesture secrets that players can perform at the right time to get additional rewards. Some of the gesture secrets are Show Off Clothes, pray, Check Ground, and Stalker.

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Gestures In Lies Of P 

Lies of P consists of 17 different gestures that players can choose from to express their emotions.

Players are not initially given access to all of the gestures and must unlock them by playing through the stories and the side quests.

All of the available gestures, along with how they can be unlocked in the game, are listed below:

Krat Central Station

1. Sit

Is described in the game as “A throne made of gold, a beggar’s shabby mat. Their weight may differ, but they are both for sitting”.

It is available to the players in their inventory from start.

2. Check Ground

Is described as “There is a saying in the country of the morning across the sea that goes, ‘Even stone bridges should be tapped before crossing’.”

The player has access to this gesture from the start of the game.

Hotel Krat

1. Show Off Clothes 

It is instinctive of life to want to show off beauty. To some, even simple gifts are sufficiently beautiful.

Players need to reach Hotel Krat and speak with Antonia to unlock the gesture.

2. Swagger 

As soon as they defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco players need to meet Venigni and ask about the Pulcinella.

3. Greet 

At first, players must defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp.

Then, they are to return to Hotel Krat and speak with Antonia to unlock the gesture.

4. Anger 

Unlocked upon talking to Antonia after defeating the Corrupted Parade Master in Hotel Krat.

5. Clap 

After defeating The Eldest, players need to return the portrait of the Boy inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout, in Hotel Krat.

Loading Gestures In Lies Of P.
Loading Gestures In Lies Of P.

Grand Exhibition Gallery

1. Respect 

At first, players need to reach the Grand Exhibition Gallery and defeat Champion Victor.

Then, they are required to obtain the Saintess of Mercy Hall Key from Simon Manus and open the room to the Saintess of Mercy Statue.

Grand Exhibition Conference Room

1. Beg

Firstly, players need to defeat Champion Victor in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room area.

It rewards players with Gold Coin Fruit, which they need to deliver to Red Fox and Black Cat.

Workshop Union Culvert

1. Stalkers Promise

They must defeat the survivor to unlock the gesture.

Moreover, you can interact with Atoned using this gesture in Moonlight Town.

Elysion Boulevard Entrance

1. Remembrance

The gesture is unlocked once players find and read the Frozen Man’s Letter at the Elysion Boulevard Entrance.

Venigni Works Control Room

1. Fear

Once a player reaches the Venigni Works Control Room, the first interaction with Venigni unlocks it.

Ascension Bridge

1. Entreat

Firstly, players must defeat Laxasia The Complete in Ascension Bridge.

Secondly, players need to talk to Sophia and pick “Give her peace” to unlock it.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

1. Happy

It unlocks by talking to Test Subject 826 in Arche Abbey Outer Wall.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

1. Sad 

Players can unlock the gesture by completing the quest Julian The Gentleman in Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert.

Players must also lie to Julian and choose the answer  “I saw her message, saying she loves you.”

Malum District Town Hall

1. Taunt

Achievable in Malum District Town Hall once the player defeats The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood main boss.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

1. Pray 

Players are awarded the gesture after they read Cecile’s Written Confession.

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Gesture Secrets In Lies Of P

There are a number of gesture secrets in Lies of P that players are unaware of.

Performing certain gestures in specific situations rewards players with additional rewards.

Some of them are:

1. Show Off Clothes

Performing this gesture in front of Antonia will reward players with Vivid Ergo Crystal.

2. Pray

Performing it in front of the statue of the woman without outstretched arms near the entrance to the Cathedral reveals a secret message.

3. Check Ground

Upon performing this gesture at the vista of Hotel Cross, players are rewarded with Its Own Hunting Apparel.

There is a saying in the country of the morning across the sea that goes, “Even stone bridges should be tapped before crossing.”

4. Stalker

Performing this gesture will not provide players with any rewards, but if performed in front of Sophia, it will make her clap.

The Bottom Line

Lies of P allows players to make decisions affecting their progress in the game.

Similarly, players can earn additional rewards by completing side quests and discovering hidden areas.

Ultimately, players can choose to follow the main storyline without distractions or explore side quests to improve their character and skills before advancing.

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