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Why Does Shadowheart Miss Attack In BG3?

While Shadowheart is a very important character in Baldur’s Gate her aims and hits are not very powerful to attack the enemies.

The ability points, attacks, weapons, and her position in the group are crucial in the gameplay’s result.

Shadowheart in BG3 is default-built in a way that she miss almost all of her targets, but with little changes, you can make her competent. 

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Who Is Shadowheart In BG3?

Shadowheart is a Half-Elf and a Tricky Domain Cleric with a dark past and an uncertain future.

She helps the characters by giving party heals, buffs, interesting stealth and other deception spells.

Shadowheart In BG3
Shadowheart In BG3.

You can rescue her during the Nautiloid segment in Act 1 or find her after crashing by the locked cryptic door on the beach.

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Why Does Shadowheart Miss Her Attacks In BG3?

Shadowheart is in her base variant but is not built to make perfect attacks and hit things well.

Being a Trickery Domain Cleric, she does not have a very good subclass that affects her overall build point.

Here are some possible reasons for why she misses her attacks so much:

1. Low Statistics

Being the Trickery domain, her statistics of the domain for Wisdom and Constitution are recommendable.

But the problem lies with her other abilities like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma.

Similarly, Intelligence is a crucial factor when using Fire Bolt, and the default ability is set to 10, making it difficult to hit things.

She needs physical strength to focus on her Strength and Dexterity, set at a low of 13, making her weak.

2. Poor Built Equipments

Being a Cleric, Shadowheart has weapons of a simple nature. She is adept with light to medium armor and shields.

The weapons are not very advanced and do not have adequate power to defeat the enemies, making the hits less powerful.

Therefore, fighting with enemies with a more powerful Armor Class will be tough for her.

3. Improper Positioning 

Being a Cleric, one of Shadowheart’s primary purposes is to aid her allies by healing and supporting them in need.

She is modestly placed at the back of the party to complete that objective and be safe from incoming attacks.

Placing her close to the enemies will only increase the chances of her injury, given her default stats.

How Can You Make Shadowheart Hit Things?

In BG3, Shadowheart proficiencies are set in insufficient dimensions.

But you can always customize the settings of your game to get her working her magic and giving the perfect hits.

Here are some simple solutions to take up to improve Shadowheart’s efficiency,

1. Increase Her Ability Statistics

If you check Shadowheart’s ability points, you’ll find that her Strength, Charisma, and Dexterity are quite low.

You have the option to customize her ability scores when you first recruit her or use the respec mirror in your camp. You can easily adjust the ability points to meet your preferences.

Shadowheart's Ability Points
Shadowheart’s Ability Points.

For instance, you can decrease some points from the Constitution to compensate for the Strength or other needed abilities.

2. Equip Her With Better Armour

You can always equip her with better armor to battle enemies comfortably, as it increases the chances of hits.

Providing better equipment also equalizes being more resilient to incoming enemy attacks.

You can get robust equipment by purchasing new ones, looting the enemies, or building one yourself.

3. Position Her Correctly

Protecting Shadowheart by placing her in the back of the party to provide party heals and buffs to her allies is the wisest choice.

Casting spells and providing aid is much easier when she is hidden and out of the enemy’s sight.

Also, using the spells and depuffs weakens the enemies, lowering their Armor Class that lets her hit off easily.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, Shadowheart’s effectiveness in BG3 hugely depends on your changes and customization.

Since Shadowheart miss every attack in BG3, players should upgrade her weapons, statistics and more.

You can make her a strong warrior by tweaking her abilities points, equipment, and position in the party.

Therefore, you should not hold back due to her default build and tailor her character to suit your gameplay, maximizing her potential.

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