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Should You Release Or Purge The Pod In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 provides us with lots of choices that can easily change the storyline and the outcomes of the quest.

In the gameplay, you will encounter the enclosed secret chambers with lots of mystery and the consequences.

If you decide to release the pods,, you will save Zevlor, but purging the pod will kill all the creatures. It depends on your decision whether to release or purge the pods in BG3.

Continue to read more to learn the pros and cons of releasing or purging the pod and the consequences of the game.

What Is The Pods In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Pods are the cylindrical containers or enclosed secret chambers used by the Mindflayers.

Similarly, Mindflayer uses these pods to store their victims and manipulate them for their own benefit.

bg3 release or purge pods
Pods in the BG3.

Additionally. these pods are controlled by Mindflayers’ illithid powers that transform creatures into Mindflayers.

Inside the pods, you can find NPCs and living creatures such as Tieflings and many humanoid creatures of different races.

Moreover, Mindflayers insert the tadpole in the victim’s eye to transform into the Mindflayer using these pods.

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How To Find The Pods In BG3?

Players will eventually come across the pod while completing the Quest of Zevlor.

Here is the location where you can find the pods in BG3.

1. Visit Moonrise Tower

First, you should complete the Moonrise Quest where you will have to fight against the boss Ketheric Thorm.

So, visit Moonrise Tower and defeat the Ketheric Thorm on the roof of the tower.

2. Follow Into Fleshy Hole

Ketheric Thorm will escape through a fleshy hole during the battle. Follow him into the hole.

So, you can jump into the hole, and you will be prompted to Mind Flayer Colony.

3. Explore Mindflayer Colony

Inside the Mind Flayer Colony, you will have to navigate toward the “Tadpoling Room.”

bg3 release or purge pods
Mind Flayer Colony in Bg3.

You will encounter the Minflayer’s pod inside the room with two thin lines that contain Zevlor and creatures.

4. Visit The Control PanelĀ 

Similarly, you should explore the Tadpoling Room where you will see the control panel on the far right end of the room

You can decide whether to release or purge the pods from the control panel.

Release Or Purge The Pods In BG3: Consequences

Players can decide whether to release or purge the pods in the game. But remember that your decision comes with great consequences.

Here are the pros and cons of the decision you make:

1. Release TheĀ  Pods

There are pros and cons of releasing the pods and here are some of them:


  1. Pods will release creatures that will be grateful to you and willing to work as your companions.
  2. You will free Zevlor which will assist you as a valuable ally even in future gameplay.
bg3 release or purge pods
Zevlor as a companion in BG3.
  1. These creatures will also assist you with the battle against the Mindflayers and help you gain victory.


  1. The pod will also release some evil creatures, mind flayers, and Intellect Devourers which will attack you.
  2. The fight against the mind flayers will be very challenging as they possess special powers.
  3. If you are not ready for the battle, you might lose some of your trusted and valuable companions.

2. Purge The Pods

If the players purge the pods,, they must face several pros and cons. They are mentioned below:


  1. If you decide to purge the pod, then you shouldn’t battle with the Intellect Devourers and the Mindflayers.
Mindflayers in BG3.
Mindflayers in BG3.
  1. You will also collect many valuable items and loot to help you prepare for the next battle.
  2. Purging the pod will not cause you any harm as there is no need for a challenging battle.


  1. You might lose some of the potential companions and NPCs that could be a great assist if you purge the pods.
  2. If you purge the pod, you will also kill Zevlor and lose all possible rewards after saving Zevlor.
  3. As you decide to purge the pods and kill the innocent as well, you might face disapproval from fellow companions.

Hence, releasing the pods is the best choice if you fully trust your companions against the mind flayers.

However, if you are willing to avoid the challenging battle then purging the pod and not taking risks will be a wise choice.

The Bottom Line

Since there are pros and cons when you release and purge the pods, any decision you make will have trade-offs in BG3.

Therefore, your decision will completely change the storylines and future outcomes. So, make your decision wisely.

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