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Does Vasco Count Against Introvert In Starfield?

Starfield, the game that everyone has been waiting for, allows players to make many choices.

In the game, players decide by selecting Traits that personalize their journey, influence dialogue options, and impact their characters’ abilities.

The Introvert trait in Starfield exclusively applies to human companions, with Vasco as a robot not impacting its benefits.

In this article, we dive into the details to clarify this crucial aspect of gameplay.

The Introvert Trait: A Closer Look

Introvert is one of the Traits in Starfield that can dramatically affect your character’s playstyle.

introvert starfield
Introvert trait menu showing the details.

When you choose the Introvert Trait, your character becomes more comfortable when adventuring alone, reducing oxygen consumption and granting additional stamina.

However, the Trait specifies that these benefits apply when adventuring with “human companions.

Vasco: The Robotic Companion

Vasco is a unique companion in Starfield, and he distinguishes himself from traditional human companions due to his robotic nature.

As a result, many players wonder whether Vasco falls under the category of human companion.

vas co
Constellations expeditionary robot Vasco.

Whether selecting the Introvert Trait still makes sense when you have him as your companion.

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The Verdict: Vasco And Introvert 

The answer to the burning question is clear: The Introvert trait in Starfield only applies to human companions.

Vasco, being a robot, does not count as a human companion and will not affect the benefits of the Introvert trait.

Vasco and the Introvert Trait are fully compatible, offering players the best of both companionship and solitude in Starfield.

Why Choose Introvert And Vasco?

As players can run with Vasco as an Introvert, it’s essential to understand why this combination might be an excellent choice.

Here are some reasons to choose Introvert and Vasco in Starfield:

1. Maximizing Stamina And Oxygen Efficiency

The Introvert Trait shines when you explore Starfield’s vast landscapes and sterile environments.

With reduced oxygen consumption and increased stamina, you can venture further and explore for longer periods without worrying about resource depletion.

Having Vasco by your side doesn’t negate these benefits, making it a powerful combination for solo exploration.

2. Unleash Vasco’s Abilities 

Vasco, being a robotic companion, comes with a unique set of skills and abilities.

When you choose Introvert, you can fully harness Vasco’s potential without sacrificing the Trait’s advantages.

Whether it’s combat support, scavenging for resources, or hacking into terminals, Vasco can complement your gameplay style without interfering with your Introvert benefits.

3. Balance Between Companions

While you can enjoy the benefits of Introvert with Vasco, you might also wonder if you can have multiple companions.

It’s important to note that you can only have one companion anytime in Starfield.

This implies that if you choose to bring Vasco, you won’t be able to have human companions concurrently.

Hence it’s crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your selected companions when strategizing for your adventures.

Vasco And The Solo Journey 

If you enjoy venturing through the vastness of space, Vasco can be a companion to accompany you on your solo expedition.

With the Introvert Trait, you can enjoy the solitude of exploration, taking in the breathtaking vistas of Starfield while still benefiting from Vasco’s robotic assistance.

Vasco becomes a companion and a loyal partner in your solo journey, offering camaraderie and mechanical expertise.

Introvert Trait And Vasco

In Starfield’s complex and immersive world, the choice of Traits can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Regarding the Introvert Trait and Vasco, players can rest assured that this combination works seamlessly.

Explore the cosmos with Vasco and benefit from reduced oxygen consumption and increased stamina, all while sticking to your preferred playstyle in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

The Introvert Trait with Vasco is one of the ways to shape your unique journey.

Whether you prefer exploring playing as part of a team or something in between Starfield guarantees a varied gaming experience.

Ultimately the choice is yours to make. So buckle up venture into territories and fully embrace the thrilling adventures that await you in the vastness of space.

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