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Navigating Starfield Universe: Uncovering Alternating Currents Bug

Starfield, an anticipated game focused on space exploration, has truly captivated players with its universe’s captivating quests and immersive gameplay.

As players go deeper into the Starfield universe, they encounter various challenges, including quest bugs like the Alternating Currents bug.

The Alternating Currents bug is a gameplay glitch that disrupts the game as the Alternating Currents Quest doesn’t update properly leaving the players frustrated.

In this article, we will dive deep into this bug, understanding its impact on gameplay and the potential fixes.

Understanding Alternating Current

Before diving into the bugs world, let’s briefly overview the “Alternating Currents” quest itself.

miss ion
Starfield Alternating Currents mission gameplay.

This side quest, set in the thriving city of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system, involves investigating power issues and delivering evidence.

It’s a quest with a twist, offering different choices and outcomes based on your decisions.

The Alternating Currents Quest’s bug occurs when players interact with the 45a fuse box in the quest’s end.

Further, it hinders players from completing the quest as it does not update properly.

The Bugs That Haunt The Currents

Starfield’s “Alternating Currents” quest is plagued by stubborn bugs, from persistent objective markers to immobile characters like Louisa and Zoe.

1. Objective Markers That Won’t Disappear

Players have reported that during the “Alternating Currents” quest, objective markers related to the Junction Box objectives sometimes refuse to disappear.

This can lead to confusion and frustration as players progress through the mission.

Furthermore, a peculiar bug involving Louisa and Zoe causes these characters to remain motionless during certain quest stages, leaving players scratching their heads.

2. Louisa And Zoe Stuck In The Lobby

Another peculiar bug involves the characters Louisa and Zoe getting stuck in the Trade Authority building’s lobby during the quest’s progression.

a c
Zoe Kaminski and Louisa Reyez in the lobby.

Players have encountered situations where these characters just stand there, making it impossible to move forward.

This particular bug can frustrate players, especially when they’re eager to dive deeper into the intriguing world of Starfield.

3. Fast Travel Woes

Some players have faced a problem where they cannot fast-travel within New Atlantis, even after completing the “Tapping The Grid” side quest.

This inconvenience disrupts the seamless flow of exploration.

Navigating New Atlantis should be a breeze, but this bug forces players to take a detour, impacting their overall gaming experience.

4. Crashing On PC Version

Several reports highlight crashes occurring in the PC version of Starfield.

While no specific ties to the “Alternating Currents” quest are established, this issue affects the overall gaming experience.

Though the exact connection to the “Alternating Currents” quest remains uncertain, these crashes undoubtedly dampen the excitement of space exploration in Starfield.

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Solutions For Alternating Currents Bug

Some solutions for alternating currents bug are presented below:

1. Reload From A Previous Save

If you are stuck with unvanishing objective markers or characters, reloading from a previous save might be your ticket out of the bug-ridden loop.

Make sure to save your progress at key points during the quest to minimize potential setbacks.

2. Restart The Game

Sometimes, a simple restart of the game can work wonders in eliminating bugs.

If you’re experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to give your game a fresh start.

Additionally, updating your graphics card drivers and ensuring your PC or console’s operating system is up to date can help prevent many bugs from occurring.

3. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Ensuring that your graphics card drivers are up to date is crucial for PC players.

Moreover, outdated drivers can cause crashes and visual glitches.

Visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer (AMD, Intel, or Nvidia) to obtain the latest drivers.

4. Contacting Support

If you still face bugs in the “Alternating Currents” quest or elsewhere in the game, consider contacting Bethesda’s support team.

They may have specific troubleshooting steps or patches to address your issues.

The Bottom Line

While Starfield Alternating Currents quest offers a thrilling and dynamic experience, it’s not immune to the occasional bug or glitch.

Players have encountered issues ranging from stubborn objective markers to characters getting stuck.

Bethesda is constantly working on improving and enhancing the Starfield experience, so it’s likely that future updates will tackle these issues.

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