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Fate Samurai Remnant Senju Kannon: How To Carve?

Fate Samurai Remnant is a role-playing game that features carving to unlock the required skills.

Carving is complicated as it requires a lot of time, resources, and even luck.

In Fate Samurai Remnant, Senju Kannon is a statue that you can carve to unlock the required skill for Miyamoto Iori. Furthermore, there are different ways to carve Senju Kannon, such as water, wood, fire, etc.

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What Is Senju Kannon In Fate Samurai Remnant?

Senju Kannon is a Buddha statue that can be carved to require a specific skill to be unlocked.

However, carving the Senju Kannon is difficult as it requires time and luck.

Initially, it is required to unlock skills for the Miyamoto Iori skill tree.

Miyamoto Iori skill tree
Miyamoto Iori skill tree.

Similarly, it is the final carving statue for the Master Craftsman to carve all types of Buddha statues.

Likewise, there are limitations on how much you can carve in the beginning, which is two statues; later, it will increase to 3 more.

Carving Senju Kannon
Carving Senju Kannon.

Furthermore, whether you can get the Senju Kannon statue is similar to RNG.

You can carve this statue in Miyamoto Iori’s house, where there is a place for carving at the corner of the house.

Essentially, it is a mini-game you must play to unlock a skill by carving any elemental statues.

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How To Carve Senju Kannon In Fate Samurai Remnant?

You can carve the Senju Kannon in Fate Samurai Remnant in four ways.

Here are the four ways to carve the Senju Kannon:

1. Wood Carving

Wood carving is one of the most effortless carving you can do in the game.

However, you need to make wood carving repeatedly for more than 10 to get it.

Likewise, carving wood carving doesn’t take much time to get Senju Kannon.

2. Fire Carving

Fire carving has a high chance of getting Senju Kannon.

However, it is also challenging to carve fire statues and can take a longer time.

Furthermore, carving a fire statue can help you unlock skills more proficiently.

3. Water Carving

Water carving is the most difficult as it gets, and it is challenging to get Senju Kannon.

Similarly, sometimes you even need to carve 10-20 statues to get it.

However, it is not like you can’t get it, but when will you since it entirely depends upon luck.

4. Stone Carving

Stone carving is similar to water carving, which is very challenging to get Senju Kannon.

Similarly, it also requires many carvings similar to the water carving, such as 10-20 statues, to get it.

However, you will eventually get the Senju Kannon if you keep carving repeatedly.

The Bottom Line

Fate Samurai Remnant features carving as a way to unlock skills and abilities for the protagonist, Miyamoto Iori.

However, carving can take time and luck to get it. Similarly, you can carve the Senju Kannon using fire, wood, water and stone elements to carve it.

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