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What Happens To Extra Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is a classic mobile board game that lets the players participate in various events through which they can earn extra puzzle pieces.

Players can earn extra puzzle pieces by playing Toy Maker Partners Event, where they can roll the dice and earn various rewards. Rewards can be dice rolls, cash, sticker packs, etc.  

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What Are Extra Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

Puzzle Pieces are the items that players use in the Toy Maker Partners Event in order to create the toys.

Similarly, players have to create four toys in the Toy Maker Partners Event where they play with other players.

Additionally, puzzle pieces let the players create those toys and also get to roll the dice to earn different rewards.

You can get puzzle pieces by purchasing them with cash or playing various events like Gizmo Gourmet Event.

Toy Maker Event
Creating toys in the Toy Maker Partners Event.

However, you have to use at least 20 puzzle pieces to spin the wheel, through which you can get points.

Therefore, players may have a lot of extra puzzle pieces left after completing the Toy Maker Partners Event.

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What Happens To Extra Puzzle Pieces?

Players are left with a ton lot of puzzle pieces at the end of the Toy Maker Partners Event.

These extra puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go can be used for various purposes such as converting them into game money.

The following are some of the ways through which you can utilize the extra puzzle pieces:

1. Transferring To Friends

It is not possible to directly send the puzzle pieces to your friends in the Monopoly Go yet.

However, you can still transfer your extra puzzle pieces to your friends in an indirect way using Community Chest.

You have to click on the “Community Chest” option at the top right of the game where you will find the “Add Friends” option.

Community Chest
Adding friends in the Community Chest.

Moreover, after inviting 5 of your friends either by link or via Facebook, you will open the Community Chest.

Therefore, your friends will automatically receive puzzle pieces in the form of 10 dice each after accepting the link.

2. Converting Extra Puzzle Pieces To Rewards

You can convert the extra puzzle pieces that you have got into exciting rewards through the game.

Additionally, Monopoly Go has officially declared this announcement through their Facebook page.

Similarly, players are discussing in the Reddit community that they can convert extra puzzle pieces into game money or dice.

Therefore, by selecting the “Convert” option next to the puzzle piece icon, your puzzle pieces can be turned into game rewards.

However, you cannot utilize these puzzle pieces to unlock any type of task or reward during the Toy Maker Partners Event.

Get More Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go

Players can earn more puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go by using different techniques which are as follows:

1. Landing On Puzzle Piece Tiles

Players can automatically earn puzzle pieces if they land on the tiles that have the puzzle piece icon on them.

Moreover, you can search for these types of tiles all over the board in order to earn more puzzle pieces.

2. Using The 5X Multiplier

You can also use the 5X multiplier feature, by which your puzzle pieces are increased by five times.

However, you must be careful while using this feature, as you can lose puzzle pieces if you lose your turn.

3. Completing The Event Milestones

Monopoly Go is full of various types of in-game events that are associated with puzzle pieces as rewards.

However, these events have their own specific milestones, which you have to reach to win more puzzle pieces.

For example: the Gizmo Gourmet event.

4. Playing The Quick Wins Section 

There is a “The Quick Wins Section” in which you have to complete different small tasks to win various rewards.

Quick Wins
Playing small tasks in the “Quick Wins” section.

Therefore, players can regularly use this section to win puzzle pieces when available from the bottom left corner of the game.

5. Spin The Wheel 

Players can win more puzzle pieces by spinning the wheel in the Monopoly Go.

You will also have to use a minimum of 20 puzzle pieces which will be multiplied by a certain number.

Moreover, you can multiply your puzzle pieces up to 20 times if you use 400 puzzle pieces.

The Bottom Line

Overall, your extra puzzle pieces will be utilized as game resources by either converting them into money or transferring them to your friends.

Similarly, you can earn more puzzle pieces by using the above-mentioned techniques to win more interesting rewards.

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