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How To Obtain Angel Cake In Disgaea 7?

Disgaea 7 is a turn-based tactical RPG with various character classes that unlock via quests, involving damage, or exchanging rare items.

Similarly, Angel Cake is one of the game’s rarest items, which can help players unlock the Maiko class in the game.

In Disgaea 7, there are different ways to obtain an angel cake. You must complete the final trial of the Martialgahara DLC, get it from the mystery item shop or complete quests in the Carnage Mode.

Continue reading more to find out how to obtain an angel cake.

Angel Cake And Maiko Class In Disgaea 7

Angel Cake is a rare item of the game that is required to unlock the Maiko class in Disgaea 7.

Not only is this item one of the rarest, but it is also the hardest to obtain, as it either requires hard grinding or insane luck.

Maiko is a female character in the game who excels in offense and support and can heal her allies and counter male characters.

Maiko Disgaea 7
Maiko in Disgaea 7.

She is one of the humanoid characters of the game that was only introduced in Disgaea 7.

Additionally, she possesses unique skill sets that are heavily focused on healing. She is usually used as a healer in the party.

Her Healing Skillsets are: Heal, Mega Heal, Giga Heal and Espoir which can provide constant heals and also remove all debuffs.

Similarly, her Unique Skillsets Encouragement and Natural Beauty buff other characters in the party while Flawless hits 8 surrounding panels.

In addition to this, she can also unlock evilities with each increase in rank:

Name Of The MoveDescriptionRank Requirement
Alluring DanceWhen attacked by a male unit, 30% to inflict Charm.Initial
Deadly FootwearIncrease damage dealt by 20%, but decrease Move stat by 1.Rank 2
Best ServiceIncrease effect of healing items used by 100%.Rank 3
Waste Not, Want NotWhen using a healing item, 50% chance to not consume it.Rank 4
Magnificent CheerIncrease attacking stat of male allies by 10%.Rank 5
Fierce AttackIncrease damage dealt to male units by 75%.Rank 6

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Ways To Obtain Angel Cake

In Disgaea 7, there are three ways to acquire the Angel Cake, but all of these methods require players’ patience.

Two of these methods require luck and game knowledge while the third requires solving Carnage Quests.

All of the methods are discussed below:

1. Final Trial Of Matialgalhara

The first method to get it is by completing the final trial of Martialgalhara which rewards you with some chests.

However, note that the drop rate of Angel cake from the rewards is extremely low so players have to be patient.

Martialgalhara Final Stage
Martialgalhara Final Stage.

In fact, players online have reported that they had to go through this stage over 300-500 times just to get a drop of Angel Cake.

This method is most suited if you like to grind and love clearing stages. You will also get other drops in the process.

But note that Martialgalhara can only be unlocked after the player has completed all 15 main campaigns of the game.

2. Generating Mystery World 

Alternatively, there is another way for players to obtain the Angel Cake, but it requires some game knowledge.

Firstly, players should visit the item worlder in order to generate an item world.

Secondly, interact with the item world where you can access the item world route right next to the item bag.

Select the Mystery Room Route option in the item route list. Doing so will generate a mystery route containing a mystery shop.

Doing this will occasionally generate a mystery shop that will spawn an NPC who will sell you an Angel Cake.

But note that this method also may require some luck and patience as there is no guarantee when the required shop will generate.

3. Completing Quests In Carnage Mode

Carnage Mode can only be completed after the player has completed the game’s main storyline.

After that, they can visit the quest shop where they will have to complete four particular quests. They are:

  • Win Evil Prizes
  • Bounty: Item God
  • 9,999 Moves Ahead
  • I Wanna See The Best
Carnage Guide NPC
Carnage Guide NPC.

Players can unlock Mikayla, an NPC who opens a carnage dimension guide by completing four quests.

Complete all the carnage worlds until you reach Carnage World 6, where there are three quests to complete.

After completing them, you can open a shop where you can buy Angel Cakes.

However, you can only exchange Angel Cakes after acquiring a Carnage Masquot Costume and Carnage Hammer item.

The Bottom Line

Angel Cake is an item in Disgaea 7 with the lowest drop rates, which compels players to invest a lot of time in the game.

Currently, there are 3 possible ways to get this item, and players can pick one that suits their playstyle.

And, since there is only a limited amount of information available about Angel Cake on the internet,  some prior knowledge is essential to pursue this item.

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