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How To Unlink Activision Account Without Email?

Activision Account allows players to link and unlink their email with the Activision account so that they can carry over their in-game progress at will on another platform.

So just by linking the personal email with the Activision account, players have control over their entire gaming profile.

However, unlinking the Activison Account is a hassle as players can only unlink a platform account once every 12 months with a registered email.

Players must follow “Managing Your Activision Account” guidelines or submit a ticket and wait for a follow-up to unlink an account without email.

Continue reading this article to learn all about this issue.

How To Unlink Your Email?

There are several protocols that need to be followed to unlink the connected email from the Activision account.

First of all, log in to your Activision account by correctly inputting all the required credentials in the text fields.

Note that you need to log in with the registered email to access the two-factor authentication during the unlinking procedure.

Move your mouse towards the top right side of the screen and hover over your Profile next to the logout button.

This will present you with four options but ignore the rest and click on the Linked Accounts segment.

Page Where You Can Unlink Your Account
The page where you can unlink your Account.

Then, click on the unlink button on the platform(Xbox, PlayStation, PC) from which you want your account unlinked.

Upon clicking this button, you will see a notification window asking for the account to be verified.

Click on the send link button, which will initiate a security link on the email that you have registered.

Check your email and copy the security code that is provided. Then, input this code in the verification window box and click Submit.

Under normal circumstances, this procedure should successfully unlink your email from the Activision account.

However, if you have already unlinked your email in the past 12 months, an error message will be displayed on the screen.

In this case, you have to head over and click on the Managing Your Activision Account in the same window and follow further steps.

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Unlinking The Account Without Email

As mentioned, unlinking your email from the Activision account is only possible after verification.

But if you have lost access to your registered email or forgotten its password, you can do one of two things:

1. Make a new Activision account with a separate email.

2. Contact customer support.

In order to make a new Activision account, just visit the Activision website and follow the signup procedures.

Alternatively, if you want to unlink your Activision account for the forgotten password, visit the customer support tab.

Managing Activision Account Pop-Up
Managing Activision Account Pop-Up.

We suggest you try to unlink your account until the 2FA authorization window pops up.

Below that window, you will see the Managing Your Activision Account option. Click on this option to proceed to the next step.

Click on the Unlink Platform Accounts option to reveal a drop-down page about the guidelines.

This drop-down page will give you 10 steps that you can follow to unlink your account in case of a lost account.

Still Having Trouble With Activision Account?

If you are still having trouble with this issue, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Try contacting Activision directly at +1 (310)-255-2000. Doing this can help you get in contact with someone from their team.
  2. Try to follow the guidelines provided by Activision once again to increase your chances of success.
Unlinking Activision Account Guidelines
Unlinking Activision Account Guidelines.
  1. Browse to Activision’s forum page to read about similar cases, or start a new thread yourself.
  2. Tag them in the posts made by Activision themselves and explain your issue. This will make your voice heard in the social media.
  3. Visit different discussion pages online on different sites like Reddit, Quora, Steam, or Blizzard so that other players can help you.

The Bottom Line

The case of unlinking the Activision account with a lost email is a very common one in the gaming community.

A small research on this issue will bring up many online threads related to it where players have portrayed their distress.

Nevertheless, this case can be easily dismissed if you just try one of Activision’s Account Management services.

However, a bit of patience is a must since the support team cannot come in contact instantly.

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