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Know Everything About Lies Of P Simon Manus Cheese

Lies of P Simon Manus cheese is one of the ways to defeat the boss Simon Manus.

He is the main antagonist of the game and the leader of the Order of Truth.

However, Simon Manus is encountered twice in the game, once in the Arche Abbey area and again in the final boss fight.

Lies of P Simon Manus cheese can be done by countering the basic attacks of the boss and countering it when it is vulnerable to your attacks.

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How To Prepare For The Simon Manus Fight?

Simon Manus is a very challenging boss who requires quick reflexes, careful dodging, and strategic use of skills and items.

If players do not prepare well enough with strategic plans they can’t defeat him.

However, to prepare for this fight, players should consider the following tips:

1. Upgrade Weapons And Armor

You can use the blacksmith in the Arche Abbey area to upgrade weapons and armor.

However, you will need a lot of materials and money.

Therefore, make sure to explore the previous areas and loot everything you can find.

2. Choose A Weapon With High Damage Output

Simon Manus is weak to fire and poison, so weapons that inflict these effects are recommended.

Nonetheless, some examples are the Salamander Dagger, the Poison-Tipped Spear, and the Flaming Sword.

Using these weapons will do more damage and weaken the Simon Manus.

3. Equip A Legion Arm 

The Legion Arm is a special device that you can attach to your arm and use to unleash powerful abilities.

Furthermore, these are the articles Legion arms that you can use:

  1. Shield Arm: Players can block attacks and reflect projectiles with the help of the Shield Arm.
  2. The Drill Arm:  It pierces through armor and deals massive damage to enemies.
  3. The Hook Arm: It helps to pull yourself closer to enemies or away from them when needed during combat.

4. Stock Up Healing Items And Consumables

You will need a lot of healing items to survive the fight, especially in the second phase.

However, players can buy them from merchants or craft them using materials.

Players can use the Healing Potion, which restores health; the Antidote, which cures poison; and the Disruption Remover, which lowers the Disruption meter.

5. Learn Simon Manus’s Attack Patterns

Simon Manus has two phases, each with different attacks and strategies.

In the first phase, he uses a large mace to perform slow but powerful swings, slams, jabs, and charges.

He also has some special attacks that involve electricity or vortexes.

In the second phase, he gains a new arm that can manipulate reality and create orbs, beams, or hands that can disrupt or damage you.

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How To Cheese Simon Manus’s Club Attacks?

Simon Manus’s club attacks are some of his most common and dangerous moves in Lies of P.

He uses his large mace to perform various swings, slams, jabs, and charges that can damage you and knock you back.

Players must dodge the club attacks of Simon Manus.

However, they can also be dodged and countered with the right timing and strategy.

You can dodge and counter Simon Manus’s club attacks in the following ways:

1. Horizontal Swing

The most basic club attack is a horizontal swing that he does twice in a row.

You can dodge this by rolling to the side or behind him and then attack him when he pauses.

Alternatively, you can parry this attack by blocking at the right moment and then performing a riposte for extra damage.

2. Vertical Slam

Another club attack is a vertical slam that he does after a short charge.

However, you can dodge this by rolling away from him and then attacking him when he recovers.

This attack creates a shockwave that can damage you if you are too close, so keep your distance.

You can also parry this attack by blocking at the right moment, but it is riskier than dodging

3. Forward Jab

The forward jab attack of Simon Manus has a long charge.

However, you can dodge this by rolling to the side or behind him, and then attack him when he is vulnerable.

Also, this attack has a long reach and can pierce through your guard, so do not try to block it.

4. Diagonal Swing

A fourth club attack is a diagonal swing that he does after spinning around.

Nonetheless, Players can dodge this by rolling to the opposite direction of his swing, and then attack him when he stops.

This attack has a wide arc and can hit you multiple times, so do not roll into it.

5. Circular Swing

Simon Manus’s circular swing that he does after jumping in the air.

However, players can dodge this by rolling away from him and then attacking him when he lands.

Moreover, it has a huge radius and can hit you even if you are behind him, so do not stay close to him.

How To Cheese Simon Manus’s God Disruption Attacks?

Simon Manus’s god hand and disruption attacks are some of his most dangerous moves in Lies of P.

The god hand attack is when Simon Manus summons a giant hand from the sky that slams down on the ground, creating a huge explosion.

You can tell when he is about to use this attack by looking at the sky and seeing a blue glow.

When you see this, you need to run as far away from the area as possible, preferably to the opposite side of the arena.

Disruption Attacks can deal massive damage and even kill you instantly if you are not careful.

The explosion cannot be dodged or blocked, and it will inflict disruption on you, which is a status effect that fills up a meter on your screen.

If the meter reaches 100%, you will die instantly. To reduce the disruption meter, you can use items or skills that lower it or prevent it from increasing.

Some of them are as below:

Disruption Remove: This Lowers the meter by 50%.

The Disruption Blocker: It prevents the meter from increasing for 30 seconds

Disruption Resistance: It helps to reduce the amount of disruption you receive by 20%.

The Bottom Line

In Lies of P, defeating Simon Manus, the formidable leader of the Order of Truth, requires careful preparation.

However, you must upgrade gear, choose suitable weapons, and equip Legion Arms wisely.

Be strategic, and victory is achievable in this challenging boss fight.

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