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The Callisto Protocol: All Security Levels

The Callisto Protocol is a survival and horror video game that comes with three different security levels with varying difficulty modes.

As you progress in the game, you encounter several enemies that you have to eliminate to complete the challenges and earn trophies.

The security levels in Callisto protocol vary in various terms, such as an increase in enemy damage, resource availability, damage you make, a decrease in overall resistance, etc. Players can choose the difficulty mode according to their gaming style and experience.

Continue reading to know which security modes you should choose in The Callisto Protocol.

Types Of Security Levels In Callisto Protocol

Security level also denotes the difficulty mode in the game. The Callisto Protocol has three significant levels that players can choose from.

As the security level increases, enemies can cause more damage, resources such as Callisto protocol credits and ammo become scarce, and resistance to attack decreases.

Types of Security Levels in Callisto Protocol.
Types of Security Levels in Callisto Protocol.

Three main security levels that players can choose when playing the game are:

1. Minimum Security

As the name suggests, it is the least difficult mode. This level is suitable for players with no experience in such games.

With less difficulty, players can fully engage in the game’s storyline. There are more resources and items at this level.

Further, players have full health which helps them avoid multiple hits. Here, you can avoid being killed by enemies as they are much weaker and have comparably less health.

Also, if you have enough ammo and health, you can retry encounters very often.

The notable aspects of this security level are:

  1. Enemies with less health pool.
  2. Increased number of loot locations.
  3. Enemies drop high supplies and resources.
  4. Enemies do less damage to the players.
  5. Time taken to complete the game: 8 to 12 hours.

2. Medium Security

At this level, the game has a balance between combat and storyline. However, it is more difficult than minimum security and suitable for players with little experience.

You’ll die a lot more in this setting than in the easy mode as enemies are more resistant and relentless.

During combat, enemies have regular health. They can be defeated using some strategies of dodge and chain attacks.

The difficulty spikes up as you take more damage per hit in this mode. Also, the enemies will drop average resources and supplies.

You can stack up the loot to your supplies for inventory management.

The notable aspects of this security level are:

  1. Enemies have a default health pool during combat.
  2. A limited number of loot locations.
  3. Default rate of items dropping from enemies.
  4. Enemies do default damage per hit.
  5. Time taken to complete the game: 10 to 14 hours.

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3. Maximum Security

This is the most difficult level suitable for experienced players who enjoy hard combat difficulty.

Jacob Lee is made out of thin paper, and enemy attacks make the health status red in the danger zone and kill you easily with a hit.

The enemy attacks are more difficult, and players deal more damage. Players should know how to dodge and block to survive the attacks.

Furthermore, if you don’t dodge or block, the enemies can take you down on a few hits as the resistance is very low.

Similarly, there are few items and resources to loot on this level. The enemies are not likely to drop supplies either.

The notable aspects of this security level are:

  1. There are few loot locations.
  2. Limited supplies and resources were dropped by enemies.
  3. Enemies can do large damage during combat.
  4. Enemies have comparably large health pools.
  5. Time taken to complete the game: 12 to 15 hours.

4. Contagion (Season Pass Bonus)

This ultimate challenge is much more difficult than other security levels. It is best suited for hardcore players.

Players can have access to this mode only when they purchase the season pass for Callisto protocol. This mode has less ammo and health.

Similarly, the players only have a single life in the game. Thus, it has a difficult combat style.

Best Security Level To Choose In Callisto Protocol

All these levels have their own characteristics. The best security level can differ according to the players and their suited combat style.

However, beginners to this game should start with minimum security to fully experience the game and not have too many frustrations.

Similarly, medium security is recommended for players of all types as it has an average difficulty with both storyline and challenges.

Moreover, you can always change the difficulty mode mid-game if you are not satisfied with the playstyle.

The steps to change the difficulty level in the game are given below:

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Choose options
  3. Then, select the gameplay
  4. Select difficulty
  5. Select your desired difficulty level

Players who complete the Callisto Protocol game in any mode are eligible for trophies as rewards.

The “Protocol is about life” trophy is earned upon completing the maximum security level.

Furthermore, players who finish the game in any difficulty mode will receive the “I Do Belong Here” trophy.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the three security levels in the Callisto Protocol come with different difficulty modes.

Medium security is best suited for players who want to enjoy the game along with normal challenges.

Players can complete these challenges in any of the security levels to earn various trophies.

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