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Payday 3: Stealing Shanda Latrell Painting

There are a bunch of locations to loot in Payday 3 including under the Surphaze art gallery heist.

It consists of loads of valuable artwork, so players can loot these to earn various achievements in the game.

Stealing the Shanda Latrell Painting under the surface is a true connoisseur achievement in Payday 3. This is one of the tricky achievements that has to be done in stealth mode, requiring at least 3 players.

Continue reading to learn more about Shanda Latrell painting in Payday 3.

Where Do You Find The Shanda Latrell Painting?

The painting by Shanda Latrell is a valuable artwork found on the ground floor at the art gallery in between rooms E2 and E3.

It is kept in a highly secured area with five guards around the floor and lasers around it.

Shanda Latrell Painting in Payday 3.
Shanda Latrell Painting in Payday 3.

Thus, it requires careful coordination and strategy for the players to get their hands on this painting.

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What Is True Connoisseur Achievement?

Players earn various achievements in Payday 3 after completing specific objectives and tasks within the game.

The Shanda Latrell painting is one of the valuable paintings in Payday 3 that players can loot to earn the true connoisseur achievement.

Players need to complete different tasks in the “Under the Surface art gallery” heist for this achievement.

However, this particular achievement is rare and challenging to receive and requires the coordination of at least 3 team members.

It needs to be completed in the Sealth mode along with a very hard or higher difficulty setting.

Steps To Loot Shanda Latrell Painting In Payday 3

It is not easy to loot this painting, and it requires a series of steps.

However, the major steps involve finding and stealing three statues, triggering the security system, and escaping with the painting.

The first thing you need to do is get on the roof somehow. However, there are multiple ways up to the roof you just need to mask up in a quiet area where there are fewer cameras.

Once you’re on the roof, you’ll see a bunch of fire escapes. Then you can come down to the second floor.

After this, there are a few steps you need to complete:

1. Go To The Security Office

Go down one of the fire escapes, and there is a security room right in front of some windows.

Make sure you are in the closest area then breakthrough. And no camera is looking at the door.

Security room in the Art gallery.
Security room in the Art gallery.

There will be a guard inside you can take him out and turn off all the security cameras.

Also, you can grab the QR code found in the smartphone in this room that is required later to enter into the exhibits.

2. Go To Manager’s Office

The manager’s office is on the opposite side of the security room. There are 3 miniature statues at the desk in the office.

They represent three large statues that are hidden in the art gallery. Make a note of what these statues look like. You can also draw them out on a piece of paper.

Three statues in the desk in Manager's office
Three statues are on the desk in the Manager’s office.

This can be helpful when you are searching for larger statues in the exhibits later.

3. Find The Actual Statues

Once you’ve remembered all the statues, you can start heading to the rooms and disable the laser grids.

You need to be careful not to trigger any alarms as the lasers move around in the room in a circular pattern.

However, they don’t see you if you stand still.

Lasers in the circular motion in the Exhibition room.
Lasers in the circular motion in the Exhibition room.

Similarly, you can carefully locate the actual statues and lock-pick the cage.

There are two civilians on this second floor. You need to handle them and take them to some room, so they’re out of your way.

There is some kind of bar that should be green which takes the cages down from the exhibition cases.

After this, you need to go to the bottom floor which is much harder. There are 5 guards that you need to look out for.

4. Secure The Loot

Once that is done, get your team to the statues you’ve found. Three statues need to be picked up at the same time.

You can open the display case at any time but don’t pick until all three are ready. Then, coordinate with three players and pick the statue at the same time.

It is a lot easier to secure the loot via a zipline bag.

5. Steal Shanda Latrell Painting

After you get these statues, go back to the manager’s room. There are three paintings on the wall.

Further, one team member needs to go downstairs at this time.

Three paintings in Manager's room
Three paintings in the Manager’s room.

The middle painting is now able to move, and there’s a red button. However, do not press that button yet.

The person downstairs should go to a blank room between E2 and E3. It has the Shanda Latrell painting that you need to steal behind the barrier.

Keep hiding from the guards on this floor, and jump over the barrier to make sure you’re right underneath the painting.

Stay underneath the Shanda Latrell painting by jumping over the barrier.
Stay underneath the Shanda Latrell painting by jumping over the barrier.

You can then steal the painting at the same time the other team member presses the button.

6. Escape

After you pick up the painting, fight with the guards, then go to the rooftop. Signal the chopper and throw the painting into the chopper.

As soon as you’ve thrown the painting that’s your achievement.

Throwing the painting inside the chopper
Throwing the painting inside the chopper.

The Bottom Line

In Payday 3, Shanda Latrell painting is a precious loot that helps players earn the true connoisseur achievement.

This is one of the tricky challenges for the players. However, it can be achieved with strong strategy and coordination among the three team members.

Players should focus on completing all the steps mentioned in a sequential order to steal the painting easily.

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