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CAS Vs FSR2 In Starfield: Which One Is Better?

CAS vs FSR2 in Starfield is an ongoing topic to discuss among the gamers in the Reddit community.

Both are the technologies that improve the graphics and the performance of Starfield.

CAS enhances the sharpness and quality of images while the FSR improves image quality and boosts performance. With CAS, the players will get better-looking images, and with FSR, they will enjoy better-looking images and improved performance.

Continue reading to learn more about CAS vs FSR2 in Starfield.

What Is CAS In Starfield?

CAS stands for Contrast Adaptive Sharpening in Starfield. It improves the sharpness of the image by applying a filter that adjusts the contrast of the edges.

Further, CAS makes the picture look sharper and clearer without making it look weird or changing its colors.

Moreover, this technology can reduce the load on the GPU and increase the frame rate.

But, at the same time, it can also introduce some blurriness or artifacts in the image quality.

Use of different Graphics to play Starfield.

Similarly, you can turn on CAS in Starfield by going to the Graphics settings and choosing FidelityFX CAS.

You can change the Render Scale to make the picture smaller or bigger before using CAS.

Moreover, a smaller picture will make the game run faster but look less apparent. Whereas a bigger picture will make the game run slower, it will look clearer.

What Is FSR2 In Starfield?

FSR2 stands for FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 in Starfield. It improves the graphics and performance by using machine learning to upscale the image with minimal loss of quality.

Further, FSR2 can make the image look more detailed and smooth, especially when the game is rendered at a lower resolution.

This technology can reduce the load on the GPU and increase the frame rate. However, it may also introduce some graininess or softness in Gameplay.

Players can use FSR2 by going to the Graphics settings and turning on the FidelityFX FSR2 option. They can adjust the Render Scale to change how much FSR2 is applied.

A lower render scale makes the game run faster but look less detailed, while a higher render scale makes it run slower but look more detailed.

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CAS Vs. FSR2 In Starfield: Major Differences

CAS and FSR2 differ in performance and image quality, with other settings and mods in Starfield.

The significant difference between these two features depends on the resolution scale setting in the game.

If the resolution scale is 100%, then CAS will only sharpen the image, while FSR2 will have no effect.

Visual difference between CAS and FSR2.

If the resolution scale is set to lower than 100%, then CAS will still sharpen the image. However, FSR2 will also upscale it to the native resolution of the monitor.

In this case, FSR2 may offer better performance than CAS but may also degrade the image quality more than CAS.

Players Preference Between CAS And FSR2

Some players prefer CAS over FSR2 because they find FSR2 too grainy or blurry. While others prefer FSR2 over CAS because they find CAS too flat or dull.

Some users also use a modded version of DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).

It is another upscaling technology that uses artificial intelligence to improve the image quality and performance of the game.

However, DLSS is only compatible with NVIDIA GPUs, while CAS and FSR2 are compatible with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Ultimately, the choice between CAS and FSR2 depends on the user’s preference, hardware, and monitor resolution.

The best way to find out which suits you better is to try them out yourself and see how they affect your gaming experience.

You can also check out some online reviews and compare these technologies to get more information and opinions.

The Bottom Line

Overall, CAS and FSR2 are two different technologies that improve Starfield’s graphics and performance.

Regarding CAS vs FSR2 in Starfield, some players prefer CAS for its sharper image quality, while others prefer FSR2 for its higher frame rate.

Contrarily, the best way to find out the best is to try them out and see how they affect the gaming experience.

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