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Shiny Gholdengo Vs. Normal: What Are The Differences?

Pokemon fans across the globe are baffled about what the difference between a shiny and a normal Gholdengo might be.

Gholdengo is already one of the hardest Pokemon to catch, requiring players to collect 99 Gimmighoul coins.

Because of this, players find themselves debating whether to pursue the elusive shiny variant or stick with the normal one.

The only difference between the two versions is that the regular Gholdengo sports darker yellow lines on its body, while the shiny Gholdengo features dark grey lines in place of these. In a VS battle, they boast the same stats.

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Introduction To Gholdengo

Gholdengo is the Ghost/Steel type Pokemon that has been captivating trainers since its introduction in Gen IX.

With its stunning golden appearance and powerful abilities, it’s no wonder that trainers often hunt for this Pokemon.

It has a total base stats of 550 and cannot be acquired by breeding. This makes it one of the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Its Ghost and Steel dual typing makes it a very sought-after Pokemon as it is immune to normal, fight, and poison-type attacks.

However, it is weak to four different types: Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark moves which can deal 2x damage to Gholdengo.

Normal Gholdengo Pokemon.

It is a biped  Pokémon made up of a stack of 1,000 Gimmighoul Coins with a cylindrical, golden appearance.

Further, it has oval eyes, a mischievous smile, skinny arms with large hands, and short legs with no toes.

Its hair consists of four dreadlock-like tufts, all made of coins and it wears a belt made from a  featuring the number 1,000 on the buckle.

This sociable Pokémon easily makes friends and defends itself by rapidly shooting coins at opponents.

Its tightly packed coin body allows it to withstand damage and release coins from the affected areas to absorb impacts.

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The Shiny Gholdengo: A Rare And Glorious Find

Shiny Pokémon are the crown jewels of any trainer’s collection because they’re exceptionally rare.

In fact, shinies have an estimated 1 in 4,096 chance of appearing one in the wild in recent Pokémon games.

Shiny Gholdengo is one of the most sought-after shinies in the franchise as it is one of the hardest to acquire.

They appear in their natural golden form with dark grey line segments in their body.

In Scarlett and Violet, players can acquire a shiny Gimmighoul via raids as they can be found roaming in the area.

Then, they can evolve this Gimmighoul into a Gholdengo after collecting 99 Gimmighoul coins.

Gimmighoul(Pre Evolution Of Gholdengo)
Gimmighoul(Pre Evolution Of Gholdengo).

However, a shiny Gholdengo does not exist at all in Pokemon Go as its shiny version is yet to be released in the game.

Note that the allure of a shiny Gholdengo lies in its exclusivity. The rarity of these creatures makes them a symbol of dedication and patience.

Moreover, the excitement of discovering a shiny Pokémon can be unparalleled, offering a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.

The Regular Gholdengo: Classic And Reliable

While shiny Gholdengo is undoubtedly a captivating find, the regular Gholdengo shouldn’t be underestimated.

And at the core, they both evolve from a Gimmighoul in the first place and finding them is not as challenging.

These Pokémon are the workhorses of any trainer’s team, boasting the same impressive stats and abilities as their shiny counterparts.

They can be caught more readily, making them a practical choice for trainers focused on building a competitive team.

Regular Gholdengo’s accessibility also means that trainers can more easily acquire and train a strong Gholdengo for battles.

They may lack the charm of being shiny, but they are just as reliable and formidable in battles.

The Decision: Shiny Or Regular Gholdengo?

When it comes to deciding between shiny and regular Gholdengo, it ultimately boils down to personal preferences and goals as a Pokémon trainer.

If you’re a collector seeking the thrill of a rare discovery and don’t mind investing time and effort in the hunt, shiny Gholdengo is the way to go.

Normal Gholdengo Vs Shiny Gholdengo.

The satisfaction of finding and owning a shiny Gholdengo can be a reward in itself.

On the other hand, if you’re a competitive trainer looking for a Gholdengo to bolster your team’s strength go for the regular one.

They are easier to obtain in the wild which can help players to fill their pokedex efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Whether you seek rarity and excitement or practicality and reliability, both variations of Gholdengo have their unique appeal.

Regardless of your choice, one thing remains certain i.e., Gholdengo will continue to be a symbol of elegance and power in the world of Pokémon.

However, patience is the key factor in the game if you want to evolve a Gimmighoul into a Gholdengo.

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