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How To Destroy The Slime Wall In Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game featuring puzzles and obstacles, including the slime wall.

This area-specific obstacle only appears within the Reservoir and is non-existent after you defeat the Reservoir’s boss.

The Slime wall is a very weak obstacle, but it is abundant inside the Reservoir, making its presence very annoying.

Players can simply use weapons such as pistols and shotguns to destroy the slime wall in Resident Evil Village. They can also use their default knife if they want to save ammunition.

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What Is The Slime Wall In Resident Evil Village?

The Slime Wall is a Greenish Goo that blocks off specific paths of the map inside the Reservoir.

It makes its appearance first when the players leave the East Old Town, replacing the main gate.

Like any other barrier in the game, the primary purpose of the slime wall is to delay players from reaching certain areas.

The origin of the slime wall is related to Salvatore Moreau, as he is the main boss of the Reservoir.

The Slime Wall In Resident Evil Village
The Slime Wall In Resident Evil Village.

Moreau is one of Mother Miranda’s creations who is responsible for safeguarding Rosemary’s arms.

Players will find out that the slime wall was created by Moreau when they steal Rosemary’s essence from him.

This event will cause Moreau to block off every exit inside the Reservior, leading to an unskippable boss fight.

During the boss fight with Moreau, he will also use this wall to block off some paths in the Reservoir while chasing the player.

To summarise, the Slime Wall in the Reservoir, connected to Salvatore Moreau, serves as a greenish barrier to impede players’ progress.

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How Should You Destroy The Slime Wall?

The Slime wall blocks off many passages within the Reservoir that must be discovered for the story to progress.

In addition to this, many essential collectibles like ammunition and coins are hidden beyond these walls.

Players must eventually destroy these slime walls to encounter the boss and fight with Moreau.

To destroy these walls, players can use their weapons in possession(guns). But bear in mind that it costs ammo.

Hence, to avoid this dilemma, players can use their pocket knives to save their ammo for the following boss fight.

Salvatore Moreau Resident Evil Village
Salvatore Moreau Resident Evil Village

Note that it will take around 3 to 4 pistol bullets to destroy this wall. For Shotguns, it only requires one bullet.

Players should only use the guns to destroy these walls when they are being chased by Moreau.

In any other circumstances, it is highly suggested only to make use of the standard knife which will take around 8 to 10 swings.

In doing so, players can accumulate lots of ammo, which will be useful for the final boss fight.

Players can choose to completely avoid some of the slime walls inside the Reservoir if they only care about the story.

But breaking these walls is worth it if they want an easier boss fight afterward.

Why Does The Slime Wall Only Appear In The Reservoir?

The slime wall is the creation of Salvatore Moreau, who can summon this wall anywhere within the Reservoir.

In fact, he demonstrates this ability when the player steals Rosemary’s Arms Flask from Moreau’s base.

Rosemary Arms Flask Resident Evil Village
Rosemary Arms Flask Resident Evil Village.

After this encounter, Moreau blocks off several sections of the Reservoir, leading the player to the final battleground.

Moreau can transform into several forms during the battle, ranging in various features from agile to bulky.

However, he only uses the slime walls when he is in his humanoid fish form which is the most agile one.

During this form, he makes use of these walls to close the distance between him and the player.

But after players have dealt significant damage to Moreau in this form, he undergoes a final transformation.

In his final form, he takes a gigantic form and adapts to use projectile damage and occasionally uses the slime wall.

Hence, after you have defeated Moreau in the Reservoir, the slime wall disappears from the map as you have destroyed the source.

The Bottom Line

The Slime wall is one of the obstacles inside the Reservoir designed to exhaust the gun’s ammo.

Because of this reason, players avoid several slime walls and just proceed with the game’s main story.

However, players can always use their default knife to destroy the wall and get collectibles like the bobbing goat head and tons of coins, heals and ammo.

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