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How To Defeat Golem In Dark And Darker?

Dark and Darker is a fantasy dungeon adventure where players can seek treasures by defeating enemies.

You will encounter many levels of enemies, including main bosses, mini-bosses, and monsters.

A golem is a type of new mini-boss in Dark and Darker made of rock and can be found in the ruins under the bridges.

Continue to read more about Golem and the strategies and attack methods to defeat the boss in Dark and Darker.

Overview Of Golem In Dark And Darker

Golem is the new mini-type boss in Dark and Darker that is elemental type. It is made up of hard rocks.

Additionally, it has a Health of 1600, so it will be challenging to take him down quickly.

dark and darker golem
Golem in Dark and Darker.

The total movement speed of Golem is 150, so it will be easier to dodge his attacks compared to other bosses.

Golem has 1.1% Magic Resistance with 30% physical resistance and 15% Projectile Resistance.

The typical attack of Golem is a Slam Attack, left and right arm Swing, and direct Splash attack.

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Location Of Golem

There are two different locations where you can find the Golem. They are as follows:

1. Courtyard Tunnels

You can find the Golem spawn in the Courtyard Tunnels.

Previously, only worms used to spawn in that location, but now you can easily find the Golem there as well.

However, there is only a 50% chance of finding Golem in Courtyard Tunnels.

2. Under The Bridge In The Ruins

In the Ruins, beneath the bridge is the main location of Golem, where you will definitely find the mini-boss Golem.

Previously, gold horbes used to spawn in this area, but now you Golem can be found.

As soon as you enter the Ruins, you should head towards the south side of the bridge with the entrance to the Golem area.

dark and darker golem
Golem Area in Dark and Darker.

There are two sides to the bridge. It would be best if you headed from the west side of the bridge as it is easier.

Moreover, you will encounter 3 mummies in the west area.

Additionally, you will have to defeat two skeleton archers and one regular skeleton inside the actual golem area.

Inside the Golem area is where you will fight with a dangerous rock-type elemental boss, Golem.

Ways To Defeat Golem In Dark And Darker

When the Golem emits a green light, you should be aware that Golem is going to launch an attack.

Moreover, it will be easier if you defeat the mummies first and then move on with the attack on the skeleton enemy.

Also, you should first defeat all the mobs and then only start the fight with the Golem.

You should carefully analyze the attack pattern of Golem as the attacks are frequently repeated by Golem.

1. Right Arm Swing

Whenever you see the Golem raising the right arm first, you should prepare yourself for the short attack.

Golem Attack from Right Arm.
Golem Attack from Right Arm.

The right-arm attack will also be followed by another left-arm attack that can cause huge damage.

So, dodge the attack and wait for the right moment. After both attacks, you can strike the Golem.

2. Left Arm Swing

Whenever the Golem raises their left arm first in the air, prepare yourself for the long-range attack.

Golem Attack from Left Arm.
Golem Attacks from the Left Arm.

Additionally, this is a single attack. So, you can either dodge by jumping or run away from the Golem to defend against long attacks.

3. Both Arm Swing At Once

This is one of the most dangerous attacks that can kill you with one hit.

Whenever the Golem raises both of his arms in the air, prepare yourself with the defense.

The only way to dodge this attack is to fly as far as possible creating more distance between you and Golem.

As soon as both of his hands reach the ground, you should jump higher to avoid a splash attack.

4. Side Stepping

As Golem is one of the dangerous mini-bosses, you cannot defeat him by attacking straighter towards him.

It will be easier to attack him using the side-stepping method.

Additionally, you can move back first and attack him by turning from the right side which will give him damage.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can use different strategies and techniques to attack the enemies and win against the bosses.

Moreover, the Dark and Darker provides you with lots of adventures and missions to gain rewards.

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