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Starfield Juno Decision: Save Or Destroy It?

Starfield brings another exciting quest “Juno’s Gambit” where players can make a vital decision.

The decisions and choices made by players will directly affect the game’s storyline, result, and future outcome.

In Starfield, players have to make a decision either to destroy, save, or free Juno and face different consequences. Your choice may affect the further story and the outcome.

Continue to read more about Juno and whether you should kill or save Juno in Starfield.

Juno In Starfield: An Overview

Juno is the name of an AI that layers can encounter while exploring Starfield. It’s located on the ship also named Juno.

When you find Juno, it will be attacked by a Spacer ship. After defeating the attacker, Ryujin Industries operatives who have boarded Juno will hail the Spacefarer.

starfield juno decision
Juno Probe in Starfield.

So, the fate of Juno depends upon your decision to kill or save Juno in Starfield. The decision leads to a different outcome.

Moreover, Juno challenges players with the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, moral values, and the purpose of technology.

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Decision To Save Or Kill Juno In Starfield

In Juno’s Gambit mission, you will have to follow a different sequence and make an important decision.

While exploring different planets in Starfield, you will come across Juno’s Gambit mission where you will encounter Juno.

Once you have met Juno, you will meet Ryujin Operatives who will offer to kill Juno and earn some credits.

starfield juno decision
Ryujin Operatives In Starfield.

Additionally, you will learn that Juno is responsible for the death of a scientist and asks to attach the Control Board to Juno.

Similarly, you will see the computer behind the probe where files are stored which contains all the information about Juno.

Juno Probe In Starfield.
Juno Probe In Starfield.

You can interact with the computer where you will learn all the information, history, and details of  Juno.

Based on the information, you can decide whether to kill or save the Juno. There are three possible decisions.

1. Decision To Save Juno In Starfield

After reading the probe, if you decide to side with Juno, you must kill both Ryujin Operatives.

You will side with Juno and return to your ship whereas Juno escapes in the universe once you have done killing the Operatives.

However, this is the Neutral Ending as you will have to kill the Operatives and lose the credits.

2. Decision To Kill Juno In Starfield

Operative Khambatta and Operative Collins will ask you a favor to attach the Control Board to Juno.

You should talk with Juno and select the choice ” Attach Control Board” from the dialog option.

Moreover, after you attach the control board, Juno will be shut down automatically, and you can get out of the ship.

starfield juno decision
Officer Khambatta In Starfield.

However, due to malicious code, Juno will lose control, get angry, and end up killing Ryujin Operatives.

Juno takes revenge on Ryujin Operatives by venting the Oxygen and turning off the life support in the ship.

After that Juno jumps out of the ship and escapes.

This is the bad ending in Starfield Quest as Juno will further seek revenge from you in the upcoming quest.

3. Decision To Save Both Juno and Operatives

In order to get the best ending, first you should be a member of Ryujin Industries Faction before starting the quest.

Being a member of a Ryujin Community will allow you to convince other members of the Ryuijin Operative not to kill Juno.

Additionally, you should converse with Juno, convince it, and set it free.

Finally, you can save everyone, and this decision will lead you to this quest’s best ending and outcome.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, the decision of Juno Gambit quest can lead you to three different possible outcomes in the game.

According to your decisions, you can choose whether to kill or save AI rogue Juno, as its fate depends upon your choice.

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