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Darktide Flak Armored Enemies: How To defeat?

Darktide is a cooperative action game in the grim and dark Warhammer 40,000 universe.

In this game, you and your friends will face hordes of enemies such as Scab Bruiser, Scab Shooter, Dreg Gunner, etc.

In Darktide, flak armored enemies are those who use flak armor around their bodies and protect the vital parts. However, there are many ways to kill them, even if they wear flak armor, such as high-powered weapons, explosives, fire, and perks or skills.

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What Is Flak Armor In Darktide?

Darktide has six types of armor: Unarmored, Infested, Unyielding, Carapace armored, Maniac and Flak armored.

Similarly, every armor has different values and is only worn by a few in a specific part of their body.

It comprises multiple layers of ceramic and other materials to deflect and absorb kinetic energy from weapons.

Furthermore, the armor is one of the most formidable in the game, which is harder to penetrate.

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How To Identify Flak Armored Enemies In Darktide?

Flak armored enemies can be identified by shooting at their armor or specific parts of the body, which shows the identity of the armor.

Identify enemy armor by shooting their armor
Identify enemy armor by shooting their armor.

Similarly, Flak armored enemies usually wear helmets, vests, or jackets with metal plates or patches.

Furthermore, you can also use the Psykhanium training ground to test the armor of every enemy.

Use the Psykhanium training ground to test enemy armor
Use the Psykhanium training ground to test enemy armor.

However, you need to be at a high level to unlock all the enemies, but you can unlock all the armor types at level 2.

How To Defeat Flak Armored Enemies In Darktide?

Flak armored enemies in Darktide are more resilient than regular enemies but are not invincible.

There are several ways to deal with them effectively and here are some of them:

1. Use High-Powered Weapons

The best way to defeat flak armored enemies is to use weapons that can pierce through their armor or deal high damage per shot.

Examples of such weapons are plasma guns, lasguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, or melee weapons with high penetration or rending properties.

These weapons can bypass or reduce the armor value of flak-armored enemies and deal more damage to their health.

2. Use Explosives Or Fire

Another way to defeat flak armored enemies is to use explosives or fire-based weapons or abilities.

Such weapons include grenade launchers, flamethrowers, frag grenades, incendiary grenades, or firebombs.

These weapons can deal area damage to multiple enemies at once and cause them to burn or bleed over time.

Moreover, burning or bleeding enemies will take additional damage and have reduced movement speed and accuracy.

3. Use Perks Or Skills

Another way to defeat flak armored enemies in Darktile is to use perks or skills to enhance damage output or weaken your enemy’s defense.

Examples of such perks or skills are Brittleness, which increases your critical hit chance against armored enemies.

Similarly, Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun has perks that deal an extra 25% damage against flak armored enemies.

Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun
Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun flak armor damage perk.

Armor Piercing Rounds increase your bullet penetration or Shatter Shot, which hits multiple targets with a single shot.

4. Target Exposed Body Part

There are many enemies that don’t cover their bodies entirely with armor; some are even armorless.

Similarly, even those who use flak armor will have some exposed body parts that are vulnerable, which you can attack.

Target exposed body part of flak armored enemies
Target exposed body parts of the enemy.

However, those exposed body parts are very small in area size, which is more challenging to attack through.

Furthermore, you can attack them in close combat using a knife or sword to cut them.

The Bottom Line

Flak armored enemies in Darktide are tough opponents who can withstand bullets and explosives.

However, they are not unbeatable if you know how to identify them and how to counter them.

Using high-powered weapons, explosives, fire, perks, and skills or attacking exposed parts of the enemies can help you defeat flak-armored enemies.

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