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How To Cap Your Level In Arcane Odyssey?

Arcane Odyssey is a Roblox game where players fight in the War Seas to level up and gain power. You can compete with or team up with others and form a clan.

You need to level up and increase your stats like Power, Defense, Agility, Attack, and Intensity to become stronger.

In Arcane Odyssey, players begin at level one and must gradually progress to become stronger. The maximum level that players can reach is level 125. However, reaching this milestone requires earning enormous experience points through farming.

Continue reading this article to find more details about the Arcane Odyssey level cap.

How To Increase The Level Cap?

Arcane Odyssey is an open-world game that allows players to experience the vast world of seas through might.

Here, the bosses get stronger along the way, but the players can match them head-on by leveling up.

In order to level up in the game, players need to earn experience points which will also increase their Stats.

Stats Arcane Odyssey
Stats on Arcane Odyssey.

Similarly, there are many ways to do it, ranging from killing storyline bosses to fishing and farming.

It really depends upon what point of the story the player is in, and it also comes down to the preference of the player.

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Ways To Cap Your Level In Arcane Odyssey

An open-world game such as Arcane Odyssey allows a plethora of ways to farm exp in the game.

Some of these methods are discussed below:

1. Defeating Enemies

Defeating enemies is the staple for gaining exp in any game including Arcane Odyssey.

In Arcane Odyssey, enemies come in various forms and power levels corresponding to the exp amount they distribute.

Boss Fight
Boss Fight in the game.

The main story bosses are the ones who hand out the most exp upon defeat which is closely followed by side bosses.

Additionally, players can take part in strolling around the map to defeat any random mobs that spawn.

2. Completing Quests

In Arcane Odyssey, players can press the N key on the keyboard to display the available quests.

The quests come in varying difficulty levels from easy to the hardest, giving them rewards according to the difficulty.

Also, the quest screen will display all the necessary information, including the length, difficulty, and rewards.

But note that players should always pick the quests according to their level so they do not fail them.

3. Cargo Delivery

Cargo delivery is another way to farm exp in an unconventional way as it requires players to become smugglers.

This is because cargo delivery is an illegal job that can be only initiated by people with bounties on their heads.

The players can purchase cargo from any shipwrights for 50 galleons and deliver them to another island.

However, note that the amount of exp depends upon the distance between the two islands that you travel for delivery.

So, players can either take a short route for multiple deliveries or pick the long one once to gain a similar experience.

4. Fishing And Cooking

Fishing and Cooking is one of the easiest ways to farm exp in Arcane Odyssey.

However, players need to meet with two NPCs in the game in order to unlock these methods.

Cooking is a post-game component that is unlocked after meeting the town chief of the Redwake Harbor.

In order to cook a meal, players just need to put the right ingredients in the pot which can be found anywhere on the island.

Fishing Arcane Odyssey
Fishing Arcane Odyssey

Similarly, you must meet an NPC named Audbjorg in the same Harbor and talk with him to receive a fishing rod.

But note that players will no longer be able to fish after collecting all types of fish in the game.

Also, the experience points handed out by both of these methods depend upon the rarity of the fish and dish respectively.

5. Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is the most fun of all the methods to gain experience in the Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

In order for players to participate in a treasure hunt, a shovel and a treasure map of any rarity are needed.

You can find a shovel in any sailor’s chest in the game. Another way to acquire it is by buying from the merchants.

Similarly, treasure maps can be obtained from any chest on the map. However, it depends upon luck.

After acquiring both of these items, players can head to the respective island displayed on the treasure map.

Furthermore, they have to dig five chests in that island with a shovel in order to get exp according to the rarity of the chest

The Bottom Line 

Arcane Odyssey allows players the freedom to choose their own method to farm exp in the game.

Farming exp in Arcane Odyssey is fairly easy, but if players want to cap their level at 125, they need to grind more.

Nevertheless, players can acquire lots of exp just by defeating basic mobs and completing quests along the way.

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